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Well, the committee missed it again.  As I mentioned last week in my article, Notre Dame does not deserve to get in the playoff, but apparently Conference Championships do not matter to them. I truly believe that there are currently 6 teams better than Notre Dame.  But, I’ll touch on it later. 

#1 Alabama vs #4 Oklahoma: Orange Bowl

This game will be legendary within the confines of Miami.  With both teams having a high powered offense, this game could reach 50-60 points each.  In a shootout, I’d take Oklahoma.  They have the experience in high scoring affairs, while Alabama just played their worst game of the year (offensively and defensively).   If Tua is healthy, I think Alabama will win easily.  Their defense is not going to allow Oklahoma 500 yards and 50 points like they’re used to.  The winner of the heisman, Kyler Murray, will have to play his best, mistake free, game if they hope to win.  My prediction is Alabama wins with a score of 35-17.  

#2 Clemson vs #3 UCF Notre Dame: Cotton Bowl

In Dallas, UCF Notre Dame and Clemson will match up in what will become the biggest murder in a CFP game since it’s adoption.  Clemson will steamroll Notre Dame by at least 21.  Clemson is a much better team than Notre Dame has played all year.  Granted, this is a matchup between two teams who have had little competition all year, but at least Clemson looks like a respectable football team and deserves to be in the CFP.  If the committee is so concerned about picking the right teams based on Conference Championships and “beating every team on their schedule,” (which they said was a main thing mentioned yesterday) UCF deserves this game, not the stupid Irish.  My prediction is Clemson 38-14.  

I think Alabama then beats Clemson.  It will be a close game, due to the familiarity between Saban and Dabo.  I’ll take Bama 31-24.  

Last year, I thought UCF fans were dumb and that they did not deserve a spot.  I did until Wic sat me down and talked.  UCF does deserve a chance.  They have won 25 straight games, the longest in NCAA Football currently.  If you take into consideration that before their 25 game win streak they lost 12 in a row.  In 2015, they went 0-12.  2016 they went 6-7.  The last two years, they haven’t lost.  If you take away the name, the team would be in.  But, the committee did that this year.  Notre Dame is a poor man’s version of UCF.  Notre is not fun to watch at all, while UCF’s explosive offense makes it so much fun to watch them.  It is not their fault that their conference is horrible, but they played 2 people Notre Dame played.  When they both played Pittsburgh, Notre Dame won by 5 and UCF won by 31! They are a whole 26 points better than Notre Dame.  There are so many haters of UCF that I promise you if the committee would have put them at #4, they would have had the highest rating playoff game in years, maybe ever.  They’d show out against Bama and probably give them their toughest game of the year with their explosive offense.  The fact that a team has gone 25-0 over the last two season and is only ranked 8th is just a shame on the committee.  Let UCF in.  Whoever wins Bama vs Clemson should play MY CHAMPIONS the following weekend, after UCF beats LSU handily.  

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