Video: Chiefs RB Kareem Hunt’s Altercation with a Woman in Cleveland Hotel

In a video obtained by TMZ, it appears that Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt shoved and kicked a woman in a Cleveland hotel. The video dates back to February of this year. Police were called to the scene and even with the video as evidence, Hunt was not arrested nor were charges filed. It is believed that the altercation started after the woman denied advances from one of the men in Hunt’s entourage and was asked to leave. Things escalated, as they normally do, after the woman called him the N-word.

This event happened back in February. Well before the NFL Season started. Kareem Hunt has not missed a single game. Even Chiefs CEO Clark Hunt said publicly in August that he doesn’t think that Kareem would miss any time. This is damning evidence that the NFL and the Chiefs knew of the altercation, had this video and decided to do nothing. 

Roger Goodell has been trying to completely overhaul the NFL’s protocol when it comes to assault allegations. The NFL claims to have been taking a stance against violence towards women lately. They have done some good things like suspending Ray Rice for an entire year for the notorious elevator video and suspending Ezekiel Elliott 6 games for an altercation with his then girlfriend. So how did this one falls through the cracks? Especially with a video. Hopefully now that this video has surfaced, public pressure will force some kind of disciplinary action.

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