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Louisville Reaction to Jeff Brohm Staying at Purdue

Yesterday, Jeff Brohm announced that he will not be taking the University of Louisville Football Head Coaching job and will remain at Purdue. After meeting with Louisville Athletic Director Vince Tyra, Brohm told Yahoo Sports, “After intense and thorough discussion, I believe it is important to finish the building process we have begun… While going home was very appealing and meaningful to me, the timing was not ideal. I believe that remaining at Purdue is the right thing to do.” I thought this was a slam dunk hire for UofL. Several news outlets were already running stories about this arrival. Even we tweeted about it. Last time I trust Dan Dakich. This was not only a shock to me, but to the entire Louisville Cardinal faithful. If you couldn’t already guess, they aren’t taking it very well. 

Mark Blankenbaker tweeted a video that was sent to him after the news broke:

Looks like the Brummett’s are taking the news well.

Seriously? A guy who worked his ass off to restart Purdue football doesn’t want to inherit a 2-10 program, so you burn his brother’s jersey? That’s right. It isn’t even his jersey. Jeff Brohm was #11 at Louisville. His brother and QB Coach at Purdue, Brian Brohm was #12. Little bro also had nothing to do with the decision.

People also felt the need to take to twitter with other intentions:

Yikes. To me, this is clearly a joke. I don’t think anyone thinks somebody will actually burn down a coach’s alma mater, because he didn’t want to coach somewhere. BUT, I also don’t think that the police will see it this way. No word yet on if it from a Trinity High School student, but it almost has to be someone from Louisville. Nobody outside that city cares about where Jeff Brohm went to high school. As expected, this caught the eye of Louisville Metro Police Department and St. Matthew’s PD. Trinity even canceled classes for today. 

I’d feel pretty flattered about all of this if I was Jeff Brohm. Nobody threatened arson when Josh McDaniels pulled out of the Colts job at the last second. People did do this when LeBron went to Miami and KD went to Golden State. They got the jersey right, but the point still stands. Jeff Brohm is big time in Louisville. 

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