The Titans Are Done

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Well, unfortunately the Titans are on the verge of being eliminated from the Playoffs.  Last night, the Titans lost to the Texans 34-17 and they should have won if we’re being honest.  5 minutes into the game, the Titans had a 10-0 lead and the offense had such a great rhythm going for them but they went away from passing and it was evident.  Dion Lewis and Derrick Henry did not play well, rushing for a combined 38 yards and that just can’t happen if they want to win. Marcus Mariota played an amazing game.  He completed his first 19 passes, which broke a Titans record.  He finished the game 22/23 with 2 touchdowns and 303 yards.  He finished the game with the 2nd most accurate game in NFL history with a 95.7 completion percentage. He played his best game in 2 years and he finally continues to show some promise for Titans fans.  But, if the Titans ever want to be good continuously, it starts with the recievers. 

The Titans have never really had that “star” receiver.  They tried with Eric Decker last season, but it just did not work.  Corey Davis is their star, but he is a second year who shows signs of progressing but after that there really isn’t another name.  Typically they’d have Delanie Walker helping out, but he got injured the first game of the season.  The offensive line is great, the defense is good enough, the quarterback is a stud, the running game will figure itself out, but the receivers just won’t.  The Titans needs a big name to sign with them next offseason.  They need a veteran #1 receiver if they want to succeed again, especially if they miss the playoffs this season.  

The Titans are 5-6 with a relatively light schedule ahead of them.  In order, they play the Jets, the Jags, @ the Giants, the Redskins and Indianapolis again.  With 4 out of the remaining 5 games at home, Tennessee still has a chance, but I think it will come down to Week 17 against the Colts.  The Texans will win the division, so that leaves one Wild Card spot (San Diego is a lock for the first one).  I truly think the Titans need to win out and get to 10-6 to be safe, but 9-7 would work if they beat Indy and the Jags.  Realistically, the Titans should, emphasis on should, beat everyone left on their schedule, but who knows.  I see them finishing 8-8, losing to Indy in the final game.  But it wouldn’t be horrible.  They’ve shown a ton of promise this season under Vrabel and I am excited for their future.  

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