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Move Aside Oklahoma and UCF, OSU Deserves the playoff berth

With the AP and Coach’s Polls dropping earlier this week, and the CFP committee poll dropping tonight, prepare for the debate to rage on…especially in our own house!

Yes, with the “vaunted” SEC championship game coming up with #1 Alabama going up against (projected) #4 Georgia, the issue arises that maybe two SEC teams may make the tourney.  Of course, this only occurs if the Bulldogs can topple the Tide, which…well, looks unlikely.

Aside from the obvious media bias’s that exist towards the SEC, the true competition for the 4th and final spot exists in the #5 to #7 slots in the rankings.  In order, it goes Oklahoma (fresh off of a shoot-out with West Virginia), Ohio State (fresh off of throttling of rival Michigan), and UCF (fresh off of a win that cost them their starting QB).

Only one is undefeated, and is looking like they might be snubbed from their “righful place” in the Playoffs.  While I believe personally that UCF deserves a berth more than Notre Dame, that will not be the argument made.  UCF is fighting for the same spot two legit powerhouses from two Power 5 conferences are presenting.  While @wic may lead you to believe that the underdog is destined to pull-off said upset in rankings, I don’t believe that is the case. Unfortunately for UCF, said “Group of 5/Indie” argument hasn’t faired well for the Group of 5 teams previously.  Houston and UCF (yup, same team) are the only two schools that have been deemed worthy of competing in the New Year’s Six Bowl Games, and the record (and point differential) between the two is astounding in these games to say the least.  However, both Oklahoma and OSU have one thing that UCF does not: a Heisman-hopeful, starting quarterback that is healthy.  McKenzie Milton went down this past weekend in a gruesome injury that more than likely cost UCF it’s spot as “America’s Darling”, and plunged them into the more believable “America’s Longshot”.  Before this last weekend, I was the biggest advocate for making it over both Oklahoma and OSU.  But with a so-so win, tough conference championship game, and backup QB at the reigns, I don’t know if the Golden Knights can overcome this many setbacks to make it in.

Now, the toughest argument I am seeing currently is why the Sooners deserve said #4 spot and a berth over OSU (check out @soft7juice for why he believes they deserve it).  In all honesty…Oklahoma has a shot.  Kyler Murray, while not a great QB prospect for the NFL, is looking like the best athlete on the field in every game.  He was able to out-shoot-out West Virginia in their own home stadium.  Their offense averages like a billion yards a game to couple with their million points a game.  Slight exaggeration from the truth (roughly 584 yards per game coupled with 50.3 points per game), but they do have the #1 scoring offense in the NCAA per the NCAA themselves.  However, they kinda need that offense desperately, since it would be a compliment to call their defense only “abysmal”.  After firing their defensive coordinator mid-season, their defense has not improved much at all.  I mean, they gave up 726 total yards last weekend to a team that was 8-2, and they lost to Texas (who lost to Maryland and Oklahoma State).  The BIG 12 itself is a joke, only having 10 teams in it’s conference.  Tie in the fact that apparently no one can play defense, along with the fact that they get killed in every bowl game, and you got yourself a mediocre conference.  There are only 3 teams ranked in the BIG 12, and West Virginia is one of them.  They are 4th in the conference standings.  Prepare for this slugfest of a conference championship between Oklahoma and Texas.  Hook ’em Horns.  Now get this joke conference out of my sight, and let’s move on to where the real football gets played: the Midwest.

I’ll start this off by confirming that yes, I am an Ohio State fan.  And let’s just say that God himself decided to bless them (and Chris Olave for that matter) heading into “The Game” this past weekend.  While I had the distinct pleasure of watching the game with my 60 plus first tier family members, I also was with a couple of TTUN fans (That Team Up North, which means Michigan in Ohioan).  I can now thankfully say that while the abbreviation can now be phrased as That Trash Up North, I cannot say I was really hopeful going into that game.  I assumed that the Wolverines with their #1 defense in the country would come into the Shoe and shred OSU (yes, I can rhyme anytime).  Instead, I watched the highest scoring game in the rivalry’s history, along with the most points to be scored by one team.  But that wasn’t the highlight.  The highlight was (for the first time all season) Ohio State’s defense.  Outside of Nick Bosa, the team has looked flat and unimpressive.  This week? Jesus H. Christ they looked like they should be the #1 defense.  Outside of two TD’s in 6 seconds, Ohio State’s defense and special teams looked like the 2014 team out there.  They even got a blocked punt TD.  WHAT?!?!?  And even then, the highlight (outside of Chris Olave) was the man that should win the Heisman, the #1 QB in all mock drafts: Dwayne MuthaF*ckin’ Haskins.  Ohio State was dynamic in every facet of the game, and was able to shred a rival.  Going into this conference championship against Northwestern, OSU has to play this like 2014, and blow Northwestern out of the freaking water.  They shouldn’t even look like they belong on the same field…which they don’t.

Hook ’em Horns.  Go Bucks.

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