Cavaliers Want Markelle Fultz

The Cleveland Cavaliers have reportedly reached out to the Philadelphia 76ers regarding a trade for first-round pick Markelle Fultz. Fultz has recently denied reports that he wants to be traded, but that does not mean he isn’t available. He has had a rougher relationship with Philly since he return from injury, and I am sure the arrival of Jimmy Butler isn’t making things any easier. Maybe a trade would be the best option for him.

No players have been named as possible trade targets from Cleveland. That being said, who wouldn’t love to see a Kyle Korver homecoming back to his first team? Not to mention how badly they need shooters. His and Fultz’s salaries are actually close enough to make this a straight player swap. JR Smith has also been super vocal about wanting out of Cleveland. I am sure he meant that he wanted to join LeBron in LA, but personally, I would settle for just about anywhere else at this point.

Cleveland would be a great fit for Fultz. He would be surrounded by young talent including Collin Sexton, Cidi Osman, Billy Preston, etc. and could help build the organization. The Cavaliers would also be a good destination because he would be allowed to struggle. He is obviously going through something right now. If Fultz shows up to games with both shoes on the correct feet, the Cleveland media will say he is doing “surprisingly well.” That would be great for his confidence. Fultz can’t be blamed for shortcomings here, because all the Cavs do is fall short. Hell, I’d pay $2 to go see Fultz bobble the ball around. 

Author: Wic

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