Where is Bryce Harper Playing Next Season?

Image result for bryce harperBryce Harper is the most appealing free agent the MLB has had in awhile. If you ask any GM, they want him. They want his power, his arm, and most importantly, his appeal. Harper not only brings one of the best bats the MLB has, but he also brings a crowd. To be honest, I haven’t been this mesmerized with a player since my family and I went to Cincinnati to see Ken Griffey Jr, only to find out he was sitting that day, so we can the next as well. But rumor has it, he already knows where he is going. Or so says his agent, Scott Boras.

Boras has quite the reputation in the MLB. He got A-Rod millions more than he deserved and he’s going to do the same with Bryce. A weird thing about Bryce though, I truly don’t think he cares if he wins a World Series. For him, it’s all about the money. He wants some team to overpay for him. There’s a reason he turned down Washington’s $300 million, he wants $400. And there’s only a few teams stupid enough to do that. These teams include: the Washington Nationals, New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, Philadelphia Phillies, and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Los Angeles Dodgers:

The Dodgers are just a team you can’t count out, just because they have fuck you money. The Dodgers will not sign Manny Machado because they believe Corey Seager is better and frankly I do too. He’s younger and he just doesn’t have the drama around him, which the Dodgers desperately don’t need because Puig is already too much. So, who will they sign? It’s just weird to think the Dodgers won’t do anything, so with their money and with the stupidity of their front office, they would offer Bryce $400 but he will not go there. I think they stand the longest shot of these teams.

The Washington Nationals:

If Bryce goes back here, I’d be shocked. The Nationals need him though, so they’ll be desperate. With Juan Soto, Victor Robles, and Adam Eaton, their outfield is set if he decides to leave. The Nationals are trying to do what the Cubs and the Yankees did, which is rebuild from within and save money but with Harper demanding $400, they’ll offer it. I think the only way Bryce goes back to Washington is if it’s a short term deal. Harper had, statistically, one of his worst seasons last year. I could see him coming back for a one year deal, then go chase his money next season. But, ultimately Harper won’t come back. Bryce wants a big city, where he can be the star. In Washington, the President is a little bigger deal than he is, so he’s gone.

The Chicago Cubs:

The Cubs are interesting. Do they need Bryce? No, not at all. The Cubs will win 100 games without him, as I’ve said in recent articles. They have Schwarber, Hayward, Zobrist, Happ, and Amora Jr. the Cubs are set. The Cubs are young. Those young talents are not worth buying Bryce Harper. They would zero room for him. Even the first base option, which Boras said only for the Yankees, the Cubs have Rizzo. The Cubs have no room and will not sign Harper. Theo is so much smarter than that.

The New York Yankees:

The Yankees were the leaders until mid-season last year. Greg Bird was a huge flop (but I still have some faith) and Luke Voit was a great surprise, but they Yankees have an amazing offense who doesn’t need help. The Yankees are missing a few arms in their rotation, so they don’t need Harper. Cashman has made starting pitching their main priority, as you can tell with James Paxton. The Yankees are in a win now mode, which makes Harper intriguing. With that short deck in right, Harper’s swing would allow him to hit 50 home runs there. Harper wants to be a Yankee, 100%. The main question is if Cashman would want to do a 10 year deal, like he did with A-Rod. I do not think he wants to do that, so I don’t think the Yankees get him unless Harper wants a 4-5 year deal, which he doesn’t.

The Philadelphia Phillies:

This is where Harper will land. The Phillies are young and barely missed their chance at the playoffs last year. The Braves are the better them in the NL East, but with a Harper addition the Phillies are in prime contention. Rhys Hoskins, Odubel Herrera, and Bryce Harper would make the best outfield in the NL. You throw in Nick Williams as well, as the alternate, and the Phillies are set. Harper could also see time at first base here. If they land Harper, which I think they do, they’ll be hard to beat. Their pitching is already unreal with Arrieta, Nola, Pivetta, and Velasquez so they need the offensive help. Harper could be the biggest start in Philly since Rocky and he would fully embrace that. Another thing the Phillies have going for them is they are stupid enough to spend $400-$450 on Harper in order to rejuvenate their franchise.


Author: Juice

Baseball and WWE fanatic. Writer for soft7sports.com

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