Amari Cooper Touchdown Celebration Obvious Shot at Markelle Fultz

In the Thanksgiving Afternoon game between the Cowboys and Redskins, Amari Cooper took a 5 yard in route 40 yards for a touchdown. This was not a problem at all; it was actually a really good play. The problem came after with the team celebration. Cooper lined up his teammates in a free throw formation, took his spot at the goalline, bobbled the ball around and shot it through the uprights. Obvious shot at the struggling Philadelphia 76er point guard, Markelle Fultz. Take a look:

Yo, for real? Is Cooper trying to start an interprofessional incident? While I do not agree with anyone piling on to someone who is going through a lot and struggling, but this is pretty funny. All the NBA Stans out there need to calm down about this. If Joel Embiid mimicked someone else’s form to make fun of them, NBA Twitter would lose their goddamn minds. The real question to me is really how much of a shot at Fultz was it since Cooper actually got the ball to go where he wanted? 

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