I Want the Saints to Win Super Bowl LIII

As a Broncos fan through and through, I must come to terms with the reality of my situation. We, in almost all likelihood, will not be making the playoffs this year. So what am I going to do come January 5th? Not watch? Talk to my family? Do my schoolwork? HA, of course not. I am just going to pick another team to root for during these trying times. I have elected to join Parmesan Don (follow him @Soft7Parm) and the Who Dat Nation.

I want the New Orleans Saints to win Super Bowl LIII. But why?

Drew Brees
Soft 7 Sports is an advocate for the Drew Brees GOAT of all time discussion. We fight on the front lines arguing against that system quarterback and that gremlin sounding ketchup lover. Really we love Drew Brees. He is the best QB in the league right now/ever and will win his first MVP this season. Also how could you not like this guy? Running Routes with his kids, beating all 32 NFL teams (Brady could never), and being a 6 foot tall dude who can dunk a football on the goal post with pads on. Gotta have mad respect for this dude.

Michael Thomas
Not only is Michael Thomas an incredible football player, but he stole the hearts of millions. His recreation of Joe Horn’s legendary cell phone celebration cost him $30k, but all true football fans know that it was well worth it. He made himself a meme. Look at how relatable he is! 

Image result for michael thomas joe horn

Taysom Hill
My favorite player in the NFL right now. He is listed as the back-up quarterback, but really should be listed as a general athlete. He takes snaps as the QB for read options but Sean Payton actually lets him throw the ball too. Hill also lines up as wide receiver, running back, and even as punt returner. If I saw him line up as free safety for one play on Thanksgiving, that would make my entire holiday. Not only does he play every position except kicker, he is also one of the fastest guys on the team. With sprint speed that rivals Ted Ginn Jr., Hill is the most exciting player in the NFL without a history of domestic abuse. Also, have you seen my man’s calves?

Image result for taysom hill calves

Larry Warford
There is not a whole lot of Kentucky players in the NFL. As a born-Kentuckian, life-long Kentucky fan, and Kentucky Alum; I must cherish each and every Wildcat in the NFL. Up there with Randall Cobb, Danny Trevathan, Wesley Woodyard, and Bud Dupree; Warford is definitely one of the best Cats. I’d love to see another one win a Super Bowl.

If they win
A Saints win in the Super Bowl would mean that Tom Brady, Bill Bellichick, and the New England Patriots won’t. That is the true treasure in all of this. 

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