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Still No Respect for UCF

I have nothing but respect for MY defending NCAA Champions. I have already discussed my hatred for the College Football Playoff Selection Committee, so I won’t bore you all again, but they are hell bent on keeping UCF anywhere close to contention. They should be in the top 4. It is only fair considering how they were snubbed last season.

Danny Kanell actually made some good points about this the other day, I know I’m as surprised as you are. He said, “The biggest argument I have about UCF is, ‘Oh, they’d get blown away by teams like Alabama and Clemson.’ You know who else gets blown away by Alabama and Clemson? Every other team on their schedule.” Great point. Alabama is winning games by an average point margin of 35.9 and Clemson is at 32.1. Everyone seems to be okay with Power 5 teams getting blown out, but hate the idea of an outsider hypothetically getting routed. LSU got shut out by Bama, 29-0. Still in the top 10 even with 2 losses. If UCF got beat by a ranked team, they may drop out of the top 25 all together.

I have been saying this since the beginning of the season: If UCF doesn’t make the College Football Playoff they will go undefeated again and crown themselves back to back champions. Real Napoleon level stuff and I love it. The NCAA will have to recognize it. So what if they get blown out in the Playoff? Let them. Make an example of out them if you want. No one is going to beat Alabama anyway. The CFP committee seems not to think that. Sure. Let’s pretend; it’ll be fun.

If you have read my CFP rankings, then you know I have MY defending champions in my top 4. I have made the point several times that if you let in Clemson with their schedule then you have to let in UCF with theirs. All year, they have been saying that UCF would get crushed if they were to play a ranked team. Well guess what. Not only did they beat a ranked team, they destroyed a ranked team. Last Saturday, the Golden Knights played #24 Cincinnati and dominated them 38-13. People like to say that UCF doesn’t have as good of a defense as they did last year. While that may be true, they held Cincinnati to their lowest point total of the season. Maybe they will give up a lot of yards to a Playoff team, but Georgia gave up 500 yards to Oklahoma last year in the semi-final and again, no one seemed to care.

The most recent College Football Playoff rankings have the defending champs at 9. I am so glad that UCF jumped Ohio State. I am sure Columbus is going nuts right now and that brings me happiness in a way I cannot describe. But, the Buckeyes gave up 51 points to an unranked, not bowl-eligible Maryland team, so it makes more sense than the CFP committee normally does. What still kinda irks me is that Oklahoma did not move at all after giving up 40 points to Kansas. The Sooners still have to play West Virginia in back to back weeks so that should knock them out. 

Bottom line is: UCF should be a lot higher and deserves some respect, but I am glad they are back in the top 10.

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