Condoleezza Rice in Sports

Whether you agree with her politics stances or her administration, we can all agree that Condoleezza Rice is an amazing person. She is a former Secretary of State (first African-American woman), a current provost at Stanford University (First African-American), recipient of 13 honorary doctorates and, of course or I wouldn’t be writing about it, an avid sports fan. 

Sports fandom was instilled in her at a very young age. Her father was a football coach in Birmingham, Alabama, so you know she was living, breathing, and eating football. Rice grew up rooting for Alabama and the Cleveland Browns. Complete opposites in terms of willingness to admit it. Aside from just being a fan, she also competed. She took up ice skating and golfing when her family moved to Denver, Colorado. So, on top of being an amazing person professionally, she was also a huge advocate for sports. Rice was even awarded the Billie Jean King Award by the Women’s Sports Foundation and was one of the first two women to ever be admitted to Augusta National Golf Club. I knew about her time as Secretary of State and some honorary degrees, but I didn’t know she was a secret baller. 

Along with her other sports accomplishments, Condoleezza Rice was the first woman to ever serve on the College Football Playoff Committee. Her three year term had a couple of questionable decisions like Ohio State making the playoff, but they ended up winning it all. Just another take blowing up in my face. To be honest, the CFP committee has gotten a lot worse since she left. While a lot of people may not have agreed with her being on it in the first place, at least she wasn’t biased. Sure, she was associated with Alabama and Stanford, but she also wasn’t the freaking Athletic Director of a school that is always on the bubble (@Gene Smith and Ohio State). In my opinion as someone who hates the CFP Committee, Rice did great.

Now, Condoleezza Rice has reemerged back into the sports world. There have been reports by Bleacher Report and ESPN that she is being considered for an interview to be the next Head Coach of the Believeland Browns. What? She has no coaching experience, but what do they have to lose? You know Hue Jackson is bad when picking a replacement that has no experience doesn’t sound like the worst idea. Personally, I would love to play for such a respectable person, not Hue Jackson who couldn’t coach a Rally’s Drive-thru. Sadly, the Browns are denying such reports. Condoleezza Rice has also come out and said that she is not ready to coach yet.

Not ready? Rice was the Secretary of State during the Iraq War. I think she can handle the Browns. This also begs the question: if she claims she is not ready to coach YET… does that mean she is preparing?

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