Survivor Series Recap

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Last night, the WWE gave us their third pay-per-view in a little over a month, but it was the best of the three.  This was the first PPV in a long while that I was excited for because we had two potential Wrestlemania matches.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at each match. 

Smackdown vs Raw Tag Team Survivor Match

This was the only match Smackdown won, but apparently it was a botched finish by the Usos.  This match was not very good because it was just a big cluster, but once it settled down it was evident that this match was meant to hype up the Raw Tag Team Division.  Jimmy Uso honored Roman Reigns by cocking his fist and landing on Dawson for the pin. Smackdown won, but it doesn’t count towards the total for the night.  Grade: B-

Women’s Traditional Survivor Series Match

Nia Jax got the biggest reaction out of anyone when she was announced.  She embraced the action of knocking out Becky by kissing her knuckle that knocked her out.  The Women’s Smackdown team ran out to Becky’s music as well.  This match was okay at best.  I wasn’t really interested in it because it did not really focus on the individual’s it should have and it really did not have any top talent in it.  Asuka and Nia were the last two standing with Nia eliminating Asuka.  I did not like this one bit.  Smackdown has the better Women’s division so this just was shocking to me.  Grade: C

Men’s Traditional Survivor Series Match

This match was a little better than I anticipated.  But it ended like we all expected.  Strowman eliminated 4 Smackdown members to win. Not really anything to say about it.  Grade: C-

Seth Rollins vs Shinsuke Nakamura

This match was super entertaining. You brought out a full Heel Rollins by having him mock Shinsuke, which was a nice change.  It was a very eventful match with it going back and forth to the very end, until Shinsuke got countered by Rollins and Rollins hit him with the Curb Stomp.  This was the third best match.  Grade B+

Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte Flair

The match of the night.  This had zero build, minus Becky telling the Queen to tap her out.  This truly went back and forth and had the makings of Flair’s best match in history.  And just when we were about to get a conclusion, Flair destroys Ronda with a Kendo stick.  Flair completely demolished Ronda with it and fought off 5 Refs then places Ronda heads in a chair and stomps on it.  Ronda and Charlotte will meet again, presumably at Wrestlemania after Charlotte wins the Royal Rumble.  This match stole the show. Charlotte carries every match she is in, which she did again but the fact that Ronda is able do near falls and actually sell her bumps show that she has learned a lot and is getting better with every single match she is in.  I still love Flair and hope she wins the Title soon, but I hope it is off of Ronda, not Becky.  Becky and Flair are the top 2 Women’s wrestlers, probably in history. Grade: A+

Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Bryan

Everyone, including myself, thought this was going to be a squash match for Lesnar and it was in the beginning.  Brock threw Bryan around like a playtoy and it definitely was not safe for Bryan’s neck.  But, when Lesnar attempted an F-5 and knocked Bryan into the ref, Bryan took the opportunity to kick Lesnar in the mid-region and almost completed a pin, but Lesnar broke out of it in 2.9 seconds.  The match from there was unreal.  Bryan and Lesnar went back and forth the rest of the way with Bryan connecting on multiple elbows and kicks.  He even got Brock to almost tap out with the Yes Lock but Lesnar broke it and wrapped him into an F-5 and Bryan was finished.  Grade: A-

All and all, this PPV was astonishing.  Lesnar and Bryan apparently good friends and as one of my buddies put it, “Brock is like Mr. MAGA and Daniel Bryan is the resistance.” For once, Brock cared about his match and he wanted Daniel to have a good showing as well.  Brock cared for the first time in a long time and put on possibly his best match in his career or at least in awhile.  I do not like the fact that Raw swept Smackdown (minus the fact that the Smackdown Tag Teams won).  To me, it doesn’t make any sense but we’ll be able to see what happens on Tuesday.  I feel like a ton of NXT members will join Smackdown, especially since Smackdown is about to move to Fox. PPV Grade: B+

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