CFP Rankings: 11/19/18

The College Football Playoff Selection Committee has not gotten any less corrupt since last week. Thankfully, nobody here at Soft 7 Sports actively works for a program that is currently in contention to make the playoff. I understand no one is completely unbiased. But, at least we don’t have a huge bonus and our jobs relying on the antics we pull. Consistency and maybe a laugh or two are my only goals.

CFP Rankings 11/19/18

  1. Alabama (11-0)- Duh.
  2. Notre Dame (11-0)- Still nowhere near Alabama. They are only ranked second because somebody technically has to be. The Fighting Irish actually impressed me on Saturday with a 36-3 win over #12 Syracuse.
  3. Clemson (11-0)- Unlike ND, Clemson still has yet to impress me. Great job beating powerhouse Duke last week! You all definitely deserved to be at the top of College Football Playoff discussions with all the juggernauts you play! But, the Tigers are undefeated so here is your top 4 ranking.
  4. UCF (10-0)- We’re all going to respect them now right? No, just me? Okay. We said they couldn’t beat a ranked team and then UCF not only beat, but destroyed a top 25 Cincinnati team, 38-13. Consistency, y’all.
  5. Michigan (10-1)- Struggled early this past weekend. If I know one thing, it is that Harbaugh has a tough time playing from behind against top tier opponents. Good job coming back against the Indiana Hoosiers. If only Michigan was undefeated.
  6. Washington State (10-1)- Put up 69 points on Kevin Sumlin and the Arizona Wildcats. Gardner Mustache threw for 473 yards and 7 TD’s. He can do literally whatever he wants against any Pac-12 opponent, except USC apparently.
  7. Georgia (10-1)- Throw some B.S. at us at the end of the season, you’re going to get some B.S. thrown right back you. They played UMass last week and wonder why they aren’t being taken that seriously. I hate how the SEC does this at the end of every season. I am surprised that it hasn’t come back to bite anyone yet. 
  8. LSU (9-2)- Would have dropped for the same reason as Georgia, but as it turns out, Oklahoma and Ohio State suck. I can’t justify it.
  9. Oklahoma (10-1)- The Sooners gave up 40 points to Kansas. KANSAS. They didn’t even have Les Miles yet. I feel like giving up 40 points to Kansas should get you blackballed from the CFP for at least 5 years. I don’t care if it was garbage time, you should be ashamed. 
  10. Ohio State (10-1)- I watched their last game at a Rooster’s (fine establishment) around a couple of OSU fans. I have never wanted to kill myself more over football. These people were jumping up and down, high fiving, and screaming in a family restaurant. Why? Because they just won in overtime after giving up 51 POINTS to an unranked, not bowl-eligible Maryland team. They may call it the best fan base; I call it the largest group of assholes who feel no shame outside Gillette Stadium.

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