Christian Pulisic Needs to Move to EPL

Even at the age of 20, Christian Pulisic has already established himself as the greatest American soccer player of all time. I know that isn’t the most impressive thing in the soccer world, but he was a teenager just a couple of months ago. Don’t come at me and say the best player is Donovan, Dempsey or Wynalda. They are bench players at best compared to Pulisic. Not hot, homeless garbage like Alexei Lalas, but replaceable nonetheless.

Pulisic has seen a cut in his playing time this year at Borussia Dortmund. He needs to get out of there and he needs to get out soon. Even if Bayern come knocking, I think he should make a move to the English Premier League instead. Pulisic has an incredible amount of potential. In order for him to reach that potential, he needs to be on a better team playing consistently better competition. Dortmund and the Bundesliga cannot provide that. While Dortmund has a very good development program (just ask Bayern), they have done all that they can do.

He needs to make the move at the end of the season, but not just to anywhere. It needs to be to a top 6 team (Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Tottenham). He also needs to be allowed to play his Right Wing position, not the everything role he is forced into with US Soccer. Pulisic has proven with Team USA that he can shine without support, but he needs to be surrounded by good players if he is going to be consistent.

I see this as the most likely destination. Salah will most likely be bought in the very near future. They are going to need a great, young talent to replace him at RW. Pulisic will not be able to pick up right where Salah left off in terms of goals, but he would be a great fit.

Manchester City
He would have to take a cut to his playing team (yes, even more than now), but he would shine in that offense.

This would be awesome for Pulisic. I love the idea of him as Hazard’s counter-part. Also, the club will need a new winger soon since Real Madrid has said that Eden Hazard is on their short-list.

Okay, I would go absolutely insane if this happened. Spurs has had some serious problems with injuries and having a consistent RW. Pulisic could really use a prominent role that Spurs could give him as a chance to develop.

Manchester United and Arsenal
Cannot see him going here. These clubs have a history of misusing attacking players and not getting much production out of them. I am willing to argue this with anyone.

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