Wic Picks: Week 12

Very slow week for College Football. This is mainly because this is the week every year that the SEC schedules some cupcake opponents to beat down on. If I were a fellow CFP hopeful, I would schedule my best game of the season for this week. It would look awesome if Michigan beat OSU this week while Georgia plays the Carolina School for the Deaf (not that deaf people can’t play football. It’s 2018; they can do anything. All I am saying is that they aren’t D-1). While there are very few ranked matchups, all 3 are massively important. Could we see some upsets? I think so…

Game 1: Kentucky vs. Middle Tennessee State– UK -16.0

Not ranked a ranked matchup, I know, but I have to do the Cats game. Kentucky has sucked the past few weeks. We all expected to lose to Georgia, but we ruined any chances of going 10-2 after we got boo-booed on by Tennessee. That was the most Kentucky Football move I have seen in quite some time. We won’t blow this one (hopefully), but another loss would make it more convincing for Benny Snell to return for this Senior season. Silver linings. Kentucky makes this win way too hard on themselves tomorrow.

UK: 28 MTSU: 17

Game 2: Syracuse vs. Notre Dame– ND -10.5

I have been burned picking against Notre Dame already this year, but here I am doing it again. They have been pretty successful in the House of God, let’s see how well they do in the House that Ruth Built. This game is being played at Yankee Stadium which give Syracuse a slight home-field advantage. Eric Dungey is not being giving the respect he deserves. That, being mixed in with fact that ND has a history of playing down to their opponents, is a recipe for disaster. Also, the Fighting Irish need to be taken down a notch. Read why here

SYR: 27 ND: 21

Game 3: Cincinnati @ UCF– UCF -7.0

This is the only AAC game I will be excited for all year. I have been saying all year that UCF deserves some respect and they may just get it here. I will stop respecting them as soon as they lose. This is a MUST WIN game for the Golden Knights. McKenzie Milton (girl’s name) needs at the top of his game if they want to win this. If UCF can slow down Michael Warren II, then they can win this easily. 

UCF: 38 UC: 31

Game 4: Iowa State @ Texas– TEX -2.5

I hate picking the team that has a dude named Lil’Jordan, but here I am. I like Sam Ehlinger too much to pick against him when he is playing some Iowa hicks. Knowing nothing about the Cyclones, I am picking Texas.

TEX: 33 ISU: 21

Game 5: Duke @ Clemson– CLEM -28.0

Hey, Clemson. I hate you.

DUKE: 28 CLEM: 26 

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