WWE Survivor Series Preview

This Paper-view has gone from okay, to great, to amazing, back to great.  With Becky being out, due to a fractured face, this just doesn’t have the same feel as it did.  Bryan winning the Title off AJ was nice, but it was only so AJ doesn’t have to be squashed by Brock again.  There just was not enough build up for me to be interested in this PPV after the Becky Ronda match got pulled.  Ronda and Flair will still be amazing, due to Flair’s ability to carry every match she’s in.  Let’s take a look at every match.


Tag Team Survivor Series Match

This match is something new and I’m not sure how I feel about it.  Of course it will be good due to the Bar, the New Day, and the Bludgeon Brother.  Oh wait, they aren’t in it? Nevermind then.  This won’t be a good idea and they’ll have Raw go over due to them trying to build out their Tag Team Division.

Prediction: Raw wins, stupidly


AOP vs The Bar

I have no interest in this match.  Seth Rollins should have beaten AOP on his own then face the Bar alone, but here we are with a stupid match.  AOP isn’t going to win this due to the Big Show playing a factor for the Bar.

Prediction: The Bar Wins

Men’s Survivor Series Match

On Raw, Braun is joined by McIntyre, Ziggler, Balor, and Lashley.  On Smackdown, the best in the world, Shane McMahon, is joined by the Miz, Rey Mysterio, Joe, and jeff Hardy, who is replacing Daniel Bryan. This match should be the match of the night with tons of bumps taken and some fancy moves by Shane.  This match intrigues me because I truly do not know who wins.  I think Raw should since in real life they’d destroy them, but Smackdown is full of veterans, so I think they get the win.  I expect McIntyre and Braun to cost Raw the win.

Prediction: Smackdown Wins

Women’s Survivor Series Match

This got some accidental build up due to Nia knocking out Becky Lynch and fracturing her face.  Neither of these teams really make any sense to me, especially having Tamina and Nia together almost guaranteeing a victory for Raw.

Prediction: Raw Wins

Seth Rollins (IC Champion) vs Shinsuke Nakamura (US Champion)

Nakamura has kind of been squashed ever since he appeared awhile ago.  Shinsuke should have won the title, but they kept in on AJ instead.  This match will be one of, if not the top, singles match of the night.  Both Rollins and Shinsuke are incredible talents, so this is a must watch.  Unfortunately, Rollins is battling with Dean Ambrose right now so Dean will most likely interfere and help Shinsuke pull away.

Prediction: Shinsuke wins after interference from Dean

Ronda Rousey (Raw Champion) vs Charlotte Flair

The match was originally supposed to be Ronda vs Becky Lynch, but since Nia Jax can’t do anything right, here we are.  Still, this match will be insane.  This match should close the show.  Two incredible talents and this match was supposed to be the Wrestlemania closer.  I’m interested to see how Ronda does with Flair.  Flair ended Asuka’s streak at last year’s Wrestlemania but since then has not really done much.  She lost to Carmella and continuously loses to Becky. I hope Flair wins to end her losing streak and to humble Ronda, who I hate more every single day.

Prediction: Flair wins

Brock Lesnar (Universal Champion) vs Daniel Bryan (WWE Champion)

This match got changed last second, replacing AJ with Daniel Bryan.  It won’t be a good match.  Brock will win, easily.

Prediction: Brock wins

Cruiserweight Championship: Mustafa Ali wins

I’m not expecting too much from this PPV.  I just want a good build up for TLC in December or at least start the Wrestlemania storylines.
























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