NCAA Basketball

Oklahoma to the Big Ten Gaining Traction in Rumor Mill

This may come as a shock to a lot of people, but trust me, it’s true: the Big 12 is dying a slow painful death.  It’s why teams like Colorado, Missouri, Texas A&M, and Nebraska all fled for greener, more lucrative TV contract pastures.  Why you may ask?  Pretty simple:  Texas’ Longhorns Network.

Texas launched its flagship network to cover all things Texas, and only Texas.  Which is fantastic right?  Well, for Texas yes!  They get all the money for the viewers, plus can televise their own, non-important games.  The downside?  Well, the Big 12 network is missing that gigantic fanbase pretty horribly.  So horribly, that 4 schools fled the Big 12 completely, and took much more financially-beneficial media contracts to do so.

What’s this mean about the Big 12 now?  Well, pretty much that it is struggling.  Outside of the Oklahoma, Texas, and West Virginia games, no one is watching the Big 12 at all.  So much so, that all other non-conference, big time matchups (like Ohio State vs. Oklahoma) make the Big 12 the most amount of money.

So you may be asking right now, “Well Buck, why would the go to the Big Ten over the SEC? They are kinda geographically closer to the SEC than the Big Ten.” 

That’s true.  Except you’re forgetting a key word in that statement.  They are kinda geographically closer to the SEC West than the Big Ten.  If you were Oklahoma, would you want to join the same division as Alabama, LSU, and be the third (hopefully second) best team in it?  The Big Ten however, offers the Big Ten West, were the winner of it this year is Northwestern, not Iowa or Wisconsin.  Hell, Purdue beat OSU and couldn’t win it.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a lot more enticing conference to enter, and a more softer division to dominate for years to come.

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