Buck’s [Late] Wild Wednesday (11/14/18) – Why No One Wants Carmelo…and Why Teams Should Still Avoid Him

Sorry for the delay, proof-reading took longer than anticipated.

Melo and Rocket fans should know that , while I was not a huge fan of Melo, I believe everyone knew that this marriage was going to turn out worse than the 72 hour marriage between Kim K and Kris Humphries.  I honestly wish I could have been on Daryl Morey’s phone call to Melo telling him that they want to move on for “his career’s sake” or whatever bulsh*t phrasing they are using.  I didn’t want to be on to hear Morey try and be cordial, or hear Melo more than likely be pissy about it (and be justified).  The real reason I want to be there is solely for asking a simple question, like “Why?”  For a team that took it to seven against Golden State because of defense, they let all of their key 3 and D players walk.  Not only that, they signed players that have never been known for their defensive prowess to the team.  And this is where the Carmelo saga begins.

Say what you want about Carmelo’s attitude, effort on defense, and work ethic, the man can ball.  Do I think that he has been getting a lot of slack since his time at Syracuse?  Yes.  Do I think he is a selfish iso ball player that contributes to nothing besides his own stats?  Also yes.  However, can he get buckets for you?  Yes.  For a man that has been on the USA Olympic team, and has been a walking 20+ points per game his career, he has always been viewed as a max player.  He’s always kept his teams in playoff contention, and with a good supporting cast was always in the discussion of making a deep playoff run.

…but he never did it for a good team.

Carmelo, now that he has been cut by the Rockets, is trying to get on his 6th team of his career (4th in his last 2 years).  While some will cryout that he wasn’t even a Hawk for a full 24 hours, it still counts to the resume.  Just like how he had 4 points in the entire playoff run for the Thunder during the 4th quarter.  Just like how he has been the worst defensive player to make an All-Star game.   JUST LIKE HOW HE IS ALSO THE WOR…

Reel it back a bit Buck.

…phew…okay, back to it.

Over simplifying things down a bit, you can make a very reasonable and logical argument to the fact that he, while he is not as bad as some players in locker room aspects (cough cough Dwight Howard), is quite cancerous to the teams he joins.  He had Allen Iverson, JR Smith, and the one and only Birdman on the Nuggets, and they couldn’t make it to the conference finals.  He had Tyson Chandler, Amar’e Stoudemire, and Jeremy Lin (aka Lin-Sanity), and couldn’t make the Eastern Conference finals.  He even had (recently) Russell Westbrook, Paul George, and Steven Adams, and couldn’t beat a team who’s leading scorer was a rookie.  And now, on his last team (which made the Western Conference finals mind you), he is getting cut.

Again, these are all known facts.  The biggest issue with them is that other GMs and owners are now taking notice of them.  The three teams that have had players mention something about acquiring a veteran player or even listing Melo by name are as follows: the Boston Celtics (Kyrie mentioned they need a 13-15 year vet on the team), the Miami Heat (Dwayne Wade and Carmelo are buddies), and the Los Angeles Lakers (LeBron is also buddies with Melo).  These are the teams/palyers that have said something on/resembling support for hiring Melo.  Now, does this mean they should?  Let’s take a look into that…


Pretty simple here: avoid Melo like the plague.  There are numerous players you can trade and multiple assets you can give up in order to get that vet Kyrie says you need.  Do you need that vet?  No.  The ship will right itself, and the Celtics will be on track.  There is no reason to mess with the chemistry on this team to get a guy seeking his 6th team.


Pretty much see above. With the addition of Tyson Chandler, the have solved their crisis at center for this year.  Does this mean that they are now unstoppable?  No, they still do not have the capable three-point shooters and instinctive defenders they need to make a run in the playoffs.  Melo solves absolutely none of that.  Once again, this team should avoid Melo like the plague.


This situation in Miami is…well, different.  They have been wracked by injuries, and they are under-performing to say the least.  James Johnson, Dion Waiters, Justice Winslow, Wayne Ellington, Udonis Haslem, and Hassan Whiteside are all players that have been either injured, under-performing, or even announced their fairwell tour (Haslem of course).  Unfortunately for them, these players account for over $60 million of the teams cap.  They cannot afford to upgrade through trade, since the two or three cornerstones of their franchise (Kelly Olynyk, Bam Adebayo, and Josh Richardson) are too valuable to give up.  Look at how the Jimmy Butler trade fell through!

The Heat need defense, play-making, scoring, and everything else you can possibly need.  The only issue I see is that I do not know if they can survive the flak they will take for this.  While Melo is a valuable asset, he cannot defend the 3 or 4 anymore, and I can’t imagine him being able to play the 3 either.  In a wing-heavy East, this is asking him to guard Giannis, Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Hayward, Porzingis, Michael Bridges, Kevin Knox, Blake Griffin, Jonathan Isaac, Aaron Gordon, Khris Middleton, Ben Simmons, Jimmy Butler, Otto Porter, the Morris twins, and many more.  How sad is it that the best matchup for him defensively is Kevin Love?  Yikes!

All in all, I do wish the best for Melo in this shitty situation.  Would I give him a job though if I was a GM?  No.  I wouldn’t even return his agent’s call.

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