Passing of the Torch Game?

Marcus Mariota and the Tennessee Titans have finally started playing to their potential.  Mariota, over the last three games, looks like the Mariota the Titans drafted.  The last time I wrote about them, I referred to Mariota as a lost puppy, but damn was I wrong.  Since their 3-3 start, the Titans are 2-1 but look much improved.  Since his 3 total TD’s and 4 interceptions through 6 weeks, Mariota has added 5 more TD’s and only one interception. They lost to the Chargers in London, but it was 20-19 and it was a game where Vrabel went for two in the closing seconds.  Last week, they destroyed any hope Dallas had remaining this season, with a dominant performance from Mariota. This week, Super Mario-ta outplayed the 2nd best QB in history, Tom Brady.  While Mariota went 16/24 with 2 TD’s and 228 yards and added 21 yards on the ground, Brady went 21/41 with 0 TD’s.  Mariota completely outplayed Brady which brings the question: Is Tom Brady done?

Tom is very old, in fact he is the oldest QB in the league.  There is no question about Brady’s career, he is top 5 in every category and he lands 2nd in my ranking all time (#1 is Brees).  But, it has to end soon, right? Brady shows no signs of stopping as he continues his career, but today he should have won.  If you’re Tom Brady and Bill Belicheck, you can’t lose to a team that took players you refused to pay because you don’t think they’re good enough, yet Lewis and Butler played amazing today.  Bill also got out-coached by his old assistant, Mike Vrabel.  Now, the Patriots are sitting 7-3 and will most likely reach the AFC Championship, but this is the last year.  This was a torch passing game and the AFC is being run by Mariota and Vrabel.

Hear me out, why not? The Titans have improved every year with Mariota starting.  Before the year started, he was the youngest starter in the game.  They reached the playoffs last season and beat Kansas City and Andy Reid in Arrowhead, so they own real estate in Reid’s head.  This year’s offense is clicking so much better than it has been the previous years and their defense is so young and plays lights out in big games.  Byard led the league in interceptions last season and he is close again this year.  The core of their offense is very young with the likes of Mariota, Lewis, Henry, Davis, etc.  Why not Tennessee? If you ask me, I saw the football spirits releasing Brady’s reign into Mariota’s hands at the end of the game.

As for the rest of this season, the Titans play 4 AFC South games and then the Jets, Redskins, and the Giants. They control their own destiny and I see them finishing 10-6 and beating whoever they play in the Wild Card game, leading them into Foxborough to defeat Tom and Bill once and for all.  Ultimately, the Saints will win the Super Bowl, but the Titans can make some very loud noise.

Author: Juice

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