Wic Picks: Week 11

Game 1: #11 Kentucky @ Tennessee– UK -4.5

Wait, what? Kentucky is playing an unranked SEC team on the road and they are actually favored to win? Is that allowed? This is definitely uncharted territory for the Cats. Thankfully, the Vols give up 161 rushing yards a game so that should open things up for Benny Snell and Touchdown Terry Wilson. Also, last week Tennessee was only able to put 14 points on Charlotte. With UK’s defense being one of the best in the nation, I would not be surprised to see a shutout. I think Kentucky will be fine.

UK: 31 TENN: 10

Game 2: #10 Ohio State @ #18 Michigan State– OSU -3.5

This is the only game that matters in the Big 10 this week. Not only can Ohio State not lose, they desperately need a big win if they want to keep their College Football Playoff hopes alive. I like OSU in this one. Michigan State gives up roughly all the passing yards and if there is anything that the Buckeyes are good at, it’s getting all the passing yards. Sparty has had some dirty plays extracurricular plays lately and could use a good beat down.

OSU: 40 MSU: 21

Game 3: #16 Mississippi State @ #1 Alabama– BAMA -24.0

Mississippi State has been clawing their way up the polls lately. Sadly, all that painstaking work is about to be pulled out from under them by a team that may be able to beat the ’01 Miami Hurricanes. Don’t worry Bulldog fans; you won’t drop too much. I wouldn’t be surprised if Miss. St’s best defensive player was suspended for the first half.  Either way, I like Bama to cover.

BAMA: 45 MSST: 13

Game 4: #24 Auburn @ #5 Georgia– UGA -14.0

Auburn is an incredibly hit or miss team. They’ve beaten Washington, lost by 1 to LSU, blown out by Mississippi State, lost to Tennessee, then turn around and beat Texas A&M. This game is going to be as good as whatever Auburn team decides to show up. Of course, I would love to see a Georgia loss to possibly save UK’s hopes of winning the SEC East, but I don’t see that happening no matter how well Auburn plays. This is my score prediction if the best Tiger team shows up.

UGA: 29 AUB: 24

Game 5: #2 Clemson @ #17 Boston College– CLEM -19.5

Boston College has a way about them where they can randomly show up and beat a way better team in a shootout for no reason at all. They’ve always been like this, just ask Louisville. They beat a very good team led by Lamar Jackson 45-42 last year. As we know, I have decided to hate Clemson just for this year because I think they are super overrated. So, I am picking against them again this week. History is going to repeat itself.

BC: 38 CLEM: 35


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