Lavar Ball is a Genius

Folks, while Buck feels the need to tarnish the good name of Lavar Ball, I am here to say otherwise.  Being a Big Baller myself, Lavar is an absolute genius.  The amount of bullshit he can talk and how the media will flock to him after he says it allows the pressure to be taken off of his kids.  Lavar made Zo, Melo and Gelo the athletes they are today.  He trained them his entire life for the moments in their future, which is the NBA.  Obviously there has been a hiccup in his plan with Gelo not getting drafted or signed to a team yet, but he didn’t care.  He still expects the best out of his kids and put his money where his mouth is with the JBA.

The JBA was formed for high school graduates that wanted to pursue a pro career instead of doing the one year of college and in a way, it worked.  They obviously did not get the best athletes, but they paid those who joined.  It allowed Melo and Gelo to get more reps and it was such a good idea that the NBA stole it.  When the NBA announced their extended version of the G-League, Lavar won.  Lavar got these kids paid and he scared the NBA by doing so.  This was Lavar’s vision.  Another thing Lavar did was he made his family relevant.

To be completely honest, the Ball’s were a bunch of nobodies.  Lonzo is an amazing player, in fact he will be one of the most successful point guards when it is all said and done.  But nobody would have cared if Lonzo took the UCLA Bruins to the Sweet 16.  They would’ve talked about how good the team is, without focusing on Lonzo.  Lavar made him national news.  He made Lonzo the conversation of every ESPN segment, every Barstool segment, and everybody everywhere was talking about how outlandish Lavar’s actions were.  Now, Lavar did not get Zo drafted 2nd, Zo did that himself but luck worked out for Lavar.  He said Lonzo and the rest of his sons would play for the Lakers, which one has.  The Big Baller Brand grew as Lonzo found more and more success.

Lavar did what every son wishes of their parents.  He believed.  Lavar believed Zo would do what he is.  He has the same beliefs for Gelo and Melo, which one day may happen.  A huge step Lavar made was with the Big Baller Brand ZO 1’s.  He created a shoe for his son.  That is every kid’s dream.  When Zo came out of college, he got his own shoe. He got to customize it and even was in charge of the marketing of it.  Melo is the youngest basketball player ever to have his own shoe, which is just another example of Lavar going above and beyond for his kids.

Lastly, Lavar Ball is an amazing husband.  To be honest, I hated Lavar Ball.  He was just a cocky, arrogant piece of shit that was continuously on my screen.  But, one night I started watching “Ball in the Family,” a Facebook series on the Ball Family’s life.  This opened me to a new admiration of Lavar, especially with his wife Tina.  Tina suffered a stroke during Lonzo’s freshman year of college at UCLA.  Lavar still promoted his sons, but he did something else that stuck out to me.  On “Ball in the Family,” Tina had doctors helping her work back to full strength, but Lavar said no.  Lavar, along with Tina’s parents, have trained Tina day in and day out, allowing her to fully recover.  As of now, she is not fully there but she is close.  Without Lavar continuously pushing her and helping her regain her memory, she would not be where she is today.

In conclusion, Lavar Ball is not what the media portrays.  Lavar is just a normal dad who will go above and beyond to cheer for their kids.  He may seem annoying and loud, which he is, but his constant motivation helps everyone in his family strive to be better.

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