Dez Bryant Is A New Orleans Saint

Dez Bryant 2

So I don’t know if you have heard the news yet, but Dez Bryant is the newest New Orleans Saints, and we all couldn’t be happier. The implications of this are huge!

Let’s look at the short term. The Saints are currently the best team in the NFL, and are on an absolute tear with no regard for human life. Adding this “X” factor could only boost what was already the best offense to maybe one of the best ever. Giving Drew Brees a big, strong target to throw to means that the Saints have more options than just Michael Thomas. The emergence of Tre’Quan Smith is great and all, but that wide receiving core would be unstoppable. If you’re lining up Michael Thomas, Dez Bryant, and Tre’Quan Smith then who is the number one receiver? Who does their best corner have to guard because if they guard Michael Thomas then that frees up Dez and vice versa. Even if a team is able to match up with both of them, they still have to worry about Alvin Kamara out of the backfield. Drew Brees and that offense will be able to pick defenses apart.

What’s also great is that the Saints have the privilege to play the dog trash Dallas Cowboys on Thursday Night Football on November 29th in Dallas. It’s a nice little homecoming game for Dez as he gets the honor of absolutely torching the team that said they didn’t need him anymore (which it looks like they absolutely do).

The fact that Dez has been out of the league all year is a damn shame. The dude is a straight freak of nature, and I think a lot of the problems in Dallas for him were that Dak Prescott might be the worst starting QB in the league, but that’s a different story. Having a QB as talented as Drew Brees elevates the game of players much worse and physically worse than Dez Bryant.

In the long term, I think this means the Saints win the Super Bowl. I firmly believe that if Dez Bryant is playing for the New Orleans Saints then they don’t lose more than 2 game the rest of the year and they win the Super Bowl. Theoretically the Saints should be able to score on every drive if Dez Bryant is their WR2. The defense would only need to make one stop a game.

I think the NFL should be very scared with this signed because the Saints have become a juggernaut (more so than they already are). I’d just like to wish the rest of the NFL good luck after this signing because they’re gonna need it.

Finally, I’d like to just throw out there that I was the one that started this whole thing. Back in April I told Dez he should go to the Saints while seeing him in at LAX. No big deal. Just kinda the reason he’s going to the Saints. You can thank me later.


And yes, you are not mistaken, I am taller than Dez Bryant…

– Parmesan Don

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