Wic Picks: Week 10

#6 Georgia @ #9 Kentucky- UGA -9.0

I would not be surprised to see Kentucky giving back everything they receive in this 6-9 matchup. It’s hard to believe the spread on this one because Georgia has not seen a couple things that Kentucky will throw at them. The ball is not one, that will most likely be thrown directly to them. Georgia has not seen a better defense this year since Kentucky has statistically the best in the nation. They also have not seen a rushing duo like Touchdown Terry and Benny Snell which is ranked second. Interesting saber metric: There are 4 teams that both UK and UGA have played. They both have won all 4, but Kentucky has given up less points that Georgia in every matchup. All I am saying is don’t count the Cats out. I know UGA is incredible, but Kentucky has been pretty good against the spread this year. Last time I picked against UK, we won in incredible fashion. So I am doing it again. Even if I end up being right, we can still go 10-2.

UGA: 20 UK: 17

#13 West Virginia @ #17 Texas- TEX -2.0

We get it. Texas is back. That absolutely doesn’t mean that they have to be favored in every game though. The Longhorns give up 245 passing yards a game and I expect Nash Grier’s less famous brother to throw for at least that to future New England Patriot Receiver David Still V alone. While I do like Ehlinger and Ingram a lot, I cannot in good conscious take a team whose leading receiver is name Lil’Jordan.

WVU: 38 TEX: 31

#14 Penn State @ #5 Michigan- MICH -12.0

I would love to watch this game, but sadly it will be on at the same time as the UK-UGA game. I really do like Trace McSorely and Miles Sanders for the Nittany Lions. I respect how they have outrushed TD Terry and Snell. HOWEVVA *Stephen A. Smith Voice*, I gotta give it to Michigan. Harbaugh has finally figured out this whole “coaching to win” thing. Also, Shea Patterson is looking unstoppable. Wolverines roll.

MICH: 41 PSU: 28

#1 Alabama @ #4 LSU- BAMA -14.5

Wow. Vegas with the wild disrespect towards LSU. And I thought betting spreads were out to get Kentucky. How can you favor the #1 over the #4 by 14 points? How can you completely disregard how hard it is to win on the road in Death Valley? How can you deny even a fighting chance to an LSU team with a quarterback that can throw? Oh yeah, it’s freaking Alabama. Sorry @parmesandon.

BAMA: 45 LSU: 24

#3 Notre Dame @ Northwestern- ND -10.0

Northwestern is the real deal this year. Not only do they have the best punter in the country in Jake Collins, they are actually leading the Big 10 West. Per Buck’s awesome article, Northwestern has all the support from Ohio State fans. Being backed by your own alumni base and now one of the largest in the country has to be worth something. The over/under in this game is 53.5 so there is obviously some scoring to be done. This should be scary for the Irish since they have had trouble doing that on occasion (22 vs. Vandy, 24 vs. Ball State, 19 vs. Pittsburgh). Biggest thing to keep an eye on: Never underestimate Notre Dame’s ability to choke away a good season. I am officially putting Notre Dame on upset alert.

NW: 28 ND: 24

Bonus Game: Louisville @ #2 Clemson- CLEM -39.0

Christ on a bike, would ya look at that spread. That has to be some kind of joke right? This is the largest spread I have ever seen. Too bad that doesn’t mean anything, because Clemson is garbage. Now, Louisville is hot garbage, but what do you get when you mix garbage and hot garbage? More hot garbage. I think Clemson will play down to Louisville’s level on Saturday and lose, because I hate them for this season. Fuck you, Clemson.

LOU: 42 CLEM: 35

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