Crown Jewel Preview

Ladies and Gentlemen, here we are again with WWE PPV event.  Credit to Vince for not charging more for the monthly subscription, well, at least not yet.  WWE had Evolution, now Crown Jewel, then Survivor Series all very close to one another, which is just unheard of.  So thank you to Vince and the WWE Superstars for putting on these shows.

To change tones, fuck you, Vince.  This PPV should not be happening and he’s just doing it to get an ungodly amount of money, so nevermind props to you.  The matches were a lot better, but since Daniel Bryan, John Cena, and Roman Reigns can not or will not partake, let’s preview the subpar event.

World Cup Tournament (Seth Rollins, Bobby Lashley, Dolph Ziggler, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, and the Miz)

This is an interesting concept.  Saudi wanted this to be called the World Cup due to the fact that Qatar got the actual FIFA World Cup.  It is a three round tournament, starting with Rey Mysterio vs Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy vs the Miz, Seth Rollins vs Bobby Lashley, and Dolph Ziggler vs Kurt Angle.  To me, you have two long time rivalries that could match up in the second round.  Seth vs Dolph and Randy vs Jeff, but I don’t think that will happen.  People are growing tired of the same old shit time and time again, but Vince may resort back to it.  I see Rollins vs Angle and Mysterio vs The Miz.  I would like to see the Miz losing to Rollins in the final.  The Miz vs Seth Rollins would be such an amazing match and could reignite their feud they had for the IC Title.  But what I feel like will happen is Angle vs Mysterio, with Mysterio winning it because why else would they bring him out of retirement? Also, this is dumb as hell.  “World Cup” but the entire roster is American except Mysterio, should just call it the North American Cup that takes place in Saudi Arabia, but maybe that title is too long.

Prediction: Mysterio wins

WWE Universal Championship: Braun Strowman vs Brock Lesnar

This match is for Roman’s vacant title as he starts the battle of his life, beating Leukemia again.  WWE will probably run a promo thanking Roman, which they should.  This match is kinda silly honestly.  The last time they fought, Brock gave Braun an F-5 and won, which should happen again.  But absolutely no way Brock wins this match given the fact that he’s moving back to UFC.  It’ll be a quick, brutal match just like Roman vs Brock the last time they were in Saudi.  Braun will win and I expect McIntyre to come out and start his feud with Braun for the Championship afterwards.

Prediction: Braun wins

WWE Championship: AJ Styles (c) vs Samoa Joe

Stop me if you have heard this before, this is so fucking dumb.  I do not want to see this same old shit again.  Daniel Bryan and AJ had an amazing match Tuesday on Smackdown and then Joe cowardly, like always, attacked AJ which set up this match.  It’s silly, it’s dumb, I will not watch it.

Prediction: AJ retains

Smackdown Tag Team Championship: The New Day vs The Bar (c)

It shocked me when the New Day lost their titles on Smackdown 1000, but it makes sense.  Saudi had some requests for Vince and I guess they wanted the Big Show to come, because it would not make sense otherwise to have him in The Bar’s corner.  The New Day always puts out an amazing product and they will again here.  They are the most fun tag team to watch, but they had the title for awhile, so they won’t get it back for awhile.  It would be cooler if they did a 3 person tag team event, but they aren’t so it’ll be mediocre at best.

Prediction: The Bar retains

The Brothers of Destruction vs DX

Again with the Saudi requests for Vince, so here we are.  A group of men in their 50s will take the ring to settle their feud after the events that occurred at SuperShow Down in Australia.  Undertaker and Mayor Glenn Jacobs (Kane) will take the ring against Shawn Michaels and Triple H.  This will be the main event and the entrances alone will probably take 20 minutes.  The match will dwell on and on just like in Australia, because they are all 50 it will not be good, just nostalgic.

Prediction: Kane and Undertaker win

Prediction: This PPV will suck

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