Championship Year or Bust: Memphis Grizzlies Edition

It’s my favorite time of the year.  October baseball, Kentucky football is actually relevant, Kentucky basketball is around the corner, the Titans are the usual disappointment, and the Grizzlies are BACK. After Conley was out a whole year, he came back better than ever and is poised to take home the MVP trophy after they knock off the Warriors in the first round of the playoffs.  Honestly, this team can go as far as Conley and Gasol will take them. They’re kind of in a middle ground where they suck, but with Conley and Gasol on the roster, they can’t fully tank. Which has me thinking two things: championship season or trade everything by All-Star break.    They’re starting the season with a new head coach, J.B. Bickerstaff (who the fuck is that guy?), and have gotten themselves in a weird rhythm.  They are either the best defensive team in the league but everyone complains that they can’t score (no shooters again this year) or they’re firing their coach again.  The biggest mistake they made was firing Fizdale, who I think was perfect for Memphis.
Memphis has a lot to be excited for this season.  One, a new logo.  Which ultimately just rotated the hand of the Grizzly over the ball.  Two, they added their sponsor tag to their jersey, FedEx.  Three, they got horizontal planks on their court.  I don’t want to sound too cocky, but they are the only ones with the horizontal planks, so watch out NBA.  Lastly, the addition of Jaren Jackson Jr, who I love with this team.  He’ll be an interesting pair with Conley and Gasol.
Memphis made a weird move a few years ago which was getting Chandler Parsons, who missed a whole season.  You have to applaud the fact that they tried to get better, but it failed big time.  Memphis needs to do something drastic. They need to change the whole atmosphere around town and that will be done by 2 things.
One is going back to the old logo.  The teal, black, red, and white were so much better and they brought with them the feel of an old school team, which the Grizzlies are.  The new uniforms are just different variations of blue and yellow, which is just dumb.  The full on grizzly bear smothering a basketball was so much more intimidating than the dumb blue grizzly face.  That would be something the fans could get behind.  Bring back the old jerseys and logos, otherwise this team will never succeed.
Two, restart.  Trade the whole fucking team.  Let Conley go win a championship, the same with Gasol.  They deserve it.  They have given so much to Memphis and they just need to be free.  Conley can opt out this summer, and everybody in the whole world knows he will, so why not get something for him? Gasol is getting to a point where he is going to be too old to play, so send him to LA like Pau and let him get a ring with LeBron. If the season goes south quick, I expect this to happen. In my official predictions I said I think the Grizzlies make the playoffs and are the surprise team, but to be honest, after a 4-2 start the ceiling is the roof.

Author: Juice

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