Is Nathan Peterman in the Mafia?

Here at Soft 7 Sports, a lot of stuff gets by us, but nothing ever does in the sports world. I am 95% sure that Nathan Peterman is in the mafia. I’m not talking about the Bills Mafia; not the table jumping maniacs with bleu cheese stains on their customized 69 jerseys. I am talking the Corleone’s, Goodfellas, Al Capone; the ones who throw Molotov cocktails into a restaurant because they didn’t like the linguini. Think about it. This personification of a ham sandwich has no business being in the NFL. At most, he should be backing up Johnny Manziel in Montreal. Yet, he still somehow holds the position of starting quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. Quarterbacks keep getting mysteriously injured whenever Peterman gets demoted to second-string.

December 3, 2018: Tyrod Taylor suffers a patellar contusion against New England, replaced my Nathan Peterman. Patella? As in kneecap? Doesn’t the mafia love to break people’s kneecaps? Hmmm.

April 26, 2018: Buffalo Bills select QB Josh Allen with their 4th overall pick.

September 16, 2018: Josh Allen starts his first game for Bills over Peterman.

October 9, 2018: Derek Anderson signed by Bills. Little does he know.

October 14, 2018: Josh Allen suffers injury to his Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL) in his right elbow. Elbow? The knee of the arm?

October 29: Derek Anderson leaves game with apparent arm injury after being sacked by the Patriots’ Kyle Van Noy, replaced by Nathan Peterman.

Peterman is expected to start this weekend vs. Chicago.

Nathan Peterman may just be in the mafia. Weird how every time he loses his starting position, the new starter gets injured in a minor way that don’t threaten his career. I don’t think he wants them dead, he just wanted to send them a message. Also, weird how two of the three injuries happened against the Patriots, but that is a conspiracy for another time.

In recent news, the Bills just signed Matt Barkley. Get out while you can, Matt.

Author: Wic

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