How OSU/TTUN Fans Turned Into the Biggest Northwestern Fans Following Today

I’m back.  Sorry for the hiatus, but (to simply put it) life got in the way for a bit.

However, can’t stay away from what I love, and it’s a simple list.  I only love my bed and my…nah, not going to do a pop culture reference by the self-proclaimed Champagne Papi.  But on my short list is the best football team (usually) in the state of Ohio.  That’s right, the Believeland Crowns…wait, I mean the Dirty ‘Nati Bungles.

Okay, too many jokes.  In reality I am a big and loyal Ohio State fan.  While I am sure three-quarters of the Soft 7 staff were cheering two weeks ago at my nightmare, I began last weekend cheering for a slightly unknown team beginning their Cinderella run: the Northwestern Wildcats.  As shocking as that is to hear, Northwestern is currently the best team in the Big Ten West, having already beaten Purdue and Wisconsin.  With only Iowa in their way, they control their destiny…in the Big Ten.  This weekend, Northwestern has the newly-christened No.3 Fighting Irish come to town.  This.  Is. Monumental.

Both Michigan and Ohio State, besides having the annual slug fest, are desperately struggling on the SoS (Strength of Schedule) argument.  Especially since it looks like (once again) two SEC teams may get in.  What’s the best way to increase that?  Well, have Northwestern win out of course! If (very big if) . Northwestern beats No.3 Notre Dame AND No.19 Iowa (who they have in back-to-back weeks), it is very feasible for them to skyrocket from unranked into the top 15.  With a win against Iowa, they would clinch the West title since I do not see them faltering against Minnesota or Illinois.

With a top 15 team in the conference championship game PLUS a top 10 slugfest/rivalry game,  that would bolster the otherwise abysmal SoS for the Big Ten down the home stretch of this season.  However, this only comes with Northwestern playing some big boy football these next two weeks.  As a faithful OSU fan, I will be wearing some purple underwear and socks this weekend.  Not just for the Wildcats though.  Loyalty comes at a price, so I have to say this (as much as it pains me)…

Geaux Joe Burrow.  Geaux Tigahs.  Beat Bama.

Author: soft7buck

Just a dude with sick flow writing about his favorite things in the world...well, in the sports' world that is

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