WWE Evolution Recap and Other Rumors

Last night the women of WWE put on a show. To be honest, it was so much better than I expected. I said in my preview that I expected some matches to just be boring and I wouldn’t have an interest in them, but I was wrong. Having barely watched the Mae Young Classic, it was one of my favorite matches of the night and I’m excited for those two to make it to the main roster. Before I give my thoughts on the matches, I need to say that the lighting threw me off. I didn’t like how it was dark behind the ring, even though it was essentially NXT lighting. The first ever Women’s only PPV, should’ve been fully lit but it could have also been because of the crowd. It was a predictable card, i went 5/7. Let’s take a look at the matches.

Trish and Lita beat Mickie James and Fox
I called this match last second, due to Alexa being ruled out. This match was pretty meh. It had a ton of nostalgia with a Trish and Mickie showdown, but that was pretty much the only good thing. You could tell everyone in this match was old and hasn’t been a regular. There was a point where Fox needed to break up a pin, but was noticeably late. Like the ref even paused 2-3 seconds for her to show up before the 3 count. This match was cool only for nostalgia.
Grade: I predicted it right, C-

20-Woman Battle Royal
This match had everyone you could want. It had the IIconics play the Carmella role and we saw them thrown over first because they called the old women old, which apparently triggered them. We had Nia Jax have a stand off with both Tamina and Ember Moon, which was incredible. We had our dance break from Carmella and Ivory. Moon and Asuka had a cool NXT standoff, leading to Moon eliminating her. The match came down to Moon and Jax, who both were about to go over the rope until Zelina Vega thought she won and started celebrating, which led to Nia throwing her over the ropes and then eliminating Moon. Nia won, which she deserved but it was very stupid from a story standpoint. Fans will get behind Moon and she’ll get her title shot soon enough.
Grade: I predicted Moon, but was wrong B+

Toni Storm wins the Mae Young Classic
WWE fucked up three times during this PPV, and this is the first. This match was my match of the night. WWE does this thing where they hide matches throughout the main card and they intended to do so with this, but Storm and Shirai had other plans. The intensity in the match made it my favorite, especially since Shirai paid homage to Rey Mysterio Jr by hitting the 619 that nearly won the match. The match ended with Storm hitting her second Storm Zero of the evening, which secured the pinfall. Both fighters hugged it out after, mainly because they know they’ll be feuding on the main card in no time.
Grade: I predicted Storm, A-

Natayla, Bayley and Sasha defeat the Riot Squad
Honestly hated this whole set up, mainly because I do not like the Riot Squad. Only cool thing to see here was Natalya paying respect to her late father, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart by hitting the Hart Attack.
Grade: I predicted this, C+

NXT Women’s Championship
To be honest, I didn’t watch this. Baszler won, which was predictable. WWE brought in MMA’s four horsewomen to secure the match.
Grade: I don’t know

Smackdown Women’s Championship
This is the second fuck up for WWE last night. The first ever Women’s Last Woman Standing match was insane and brutal as can be. The match was escalated quickly by Becky as she beat Flair with a Kendo stick. Flair took 90% of the bumps, which surprised me. Becky got smashed through a table twice, because it didn’t break the first time. Becky eventually won, which is where they fucked up. Flair literally took 90% of the bumps, maybe Becky is hurt but come on. Flair deserved this title and this match. Becky tapped at one point, which they do in every Last Man/Woman Standing match, which is dumb. Flair deserved this and no one will convince me otherwise.
Grade: I picked Flair, A

Raw Women’s Championship
This match was the final fuck up. The match, surprisingly, was really good. Nikki got her time to beat up Ronda, with help from Bri. Ronda eventually took out Bri, which allowed her to take out Nikki eventually with the arm-bar. This match should not have finished the event. Flair and Becky was better and so was the Mae Young Classic. I predicted Nikki to kinda be slow, which she was not. Credit 100% to her, because without her, this match would’ve stunk to high heaven. I am really beginning to hate Ronda and her title run. Nikki played it perfectly with the entitled storyline put on Ronda, because she is. Nikki was killer during this and I hope it means she sticks around a while, because she looked better than ever in the ring.
Grade: I predicted Ronda, B+ only because Nikki killed it

This PPV will lead to new opportunities for the women. It was a great show, I’ll give it a B overall, which ranks higher than most of the other PPV’s, especially SuperShow Down. Now, WWE moves onto it’s men’s only PPV in Saudi Arabia. Now, at Soft 7, we do not want to engage in politics in any nature, but I will say I am proud of John Cena and Daniel Bryan. I am proud of the people opposing this PPV. Vince is a money machine, which is a main reason why it is continuing. Ronda Rousey also defended it by saying it could lead to women competing there one day. My thoughts remain the same. This should not happen, Vince should move it.

Now, away from he political aspects, this PPV being so close to Evolution is so dumb. The Women just put all they had out there for the first ever Women’s only PPV and then there is a Men’s PPV right around the corner. I’ll have a Crown Jewel Preview out on Thursday.

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