College Football Rankings 10/29/18

The College Football Playoff rankings come out tomorrow and I could not be more excited. So excited, that I am going to do mine a day before them. Is it because I just couldn’t help myself? No, it’s because the College Football Playoff Committee is the biggest joke I have ever seen. Just a bunch of people that plug their own conference so that they can profit off the success. Condoleezza Rice was on it at one point. Really? Nothing against her at all, I think she’s great, but her only qualifications are that she is smart and likes football. I’m half-way there! The playoffs are actually selected by a bunch of biased assholes, so the Soft 7 Sports playoff selections are going to be done correctly by me, a regular asshole.

Current Playoff Teams:

1. Alabama (8-0)- Duh.

2. Notre Dame (8-0)- First time in a long time that this team has had a solid resume. They’ve beaten some good opponents in Michigan, Stanford, and Virginia Tech. I wouldn’t get too excited if I was a ND fan just yet. They have a long history of choking.

3. Clemson (8-0)- I hate doing this, but I feel the need to be consistent. Clemson is undefeated, I guess. There is really nothing impressive about them other than QB Trevor Lawrence. He is about to break one of Deshaun Watson’s records or something which I guess is cool if you completely ignore the competition. I want Clemson to choke so bad. They have a nonexistent resume and they will not have a chance to improve it. I don’t see a game where they will not be favored by less than 17.5 points.

4. UCF (7-0)- I want to see some goddamn respect for my defending national champions and I want to see it now. If UCF finishes the rest of the season undefeated, then they have to be put in the playoff or they are going to keep giving themselves national championships. There will be a forever asterisk on the NCAA record books. It’s not like they are going to win or anything, but this is the exact reason the College Football Playoff was invented. At least that is what they told us; the real reason is that the NCAA wanted more tax free money.

Outside Looking In:

5. LSU (7-1)- Love this team this year. Head Coach of the LSU tigahs Ed Orgeron has officially stolen my heart. It just sucks that he plays in the hardest conference ever. If he can beat Bama this weekend then he is a lock at probably the #2 spot. We can only hope, but I think that is the only way they make it in.

6. Georgia (7-1)- More SEC in the Top 10. I promise I am not trying to be biased, but you are a dummy if you think Georgia should not be in here. Of course the Bulldogs must be behind LSU because of the waxing they put on them, but also I don’t think Georgia has as good of a shot. They still have to play Kentucky and Auburn plus a rivalry game against Paul Johnson’s running attack in Georgia Tech.

7. Michigan (7-1)- Just a flat out good team this year. Harbaugh has finally beaten one of his rivals and if he can keep that going then he has a great chance to make the Top 4. Especially with LSU playing Bama, Georgia’s tough schedule and the wild disrespect shown to UCF; Michigan might just make it.

8. Oklahoma (7-1)- Pretty good team here. Just solid all around. Kyler Murray is a big time play maker that I think will win them the Big 12 championship. They need a lot of help to make it into the playoff because there is so many powerhouses ahead of them and not enough good opponents to boost their resume.

9. Ohio State (7-1)- I think Ohio State dropped a little too much after their loss to Purdue, but it is what it is. Everyone else ahead of them that has a loss at least lost to a ranked team. If they beat Michigan and win the B10 championship, I give them a pretty good shot granted they get some helpful losses as well.

10. Kentucky (7-1)- One more SEC team? You got it. The Cats have one of the best defenses in the country led by the ridiculous linebacker core of Kash Daniel and, of course, Josh freaking Allen. Man is a machine. Kentucky’s offense only needed 15 points to win last week. Yes, I went to UK. Yes, I am a lifelong Cats fan. HOWEVVA if you are ranked 12 and two teams ahead of you lose and no other team had a significant enough win to warrant a jump, then you should be ranked 10 right?

Honorable Mention

Washington State: Love me some Mike Leach and Gardner Moustache, but you don’t get to just jump teams for beating irrelevant has-beens from the Pac-12.

West Virginia: I guess they are good. Maybe if Will Grier kept up the PED’s then they would be in the playoff.




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