FTD: Boston Just Won the World Series, but Never Too Early For Next Year’s Predictions

The saddest day of the year is upon us. No more baseball until February and The Boston Red Sox have won the World Series. They are the first team since the Yankees to win four consecutive appearances. Alex Cora made history, by joining another Yankee and winning a World Series in his first season. An interesting tidbit, the Yankees have more titles than the Red Sox, Bruins, and Patriots combined, but good job on your 9th World Series, only 18 more to go to catch the Yankees. Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports claims thats Boston has overtaken New York as the best franchise, which is just ignorant. The Red Sox are and always will be the Yankees little brother and Pedro’s Daddy. But honestly, they killed this postseason. I said they go as far as their bullpen lets them, and damn did their bullpen proved everyone wrong. David Price should have been the MVP, but Pearce had an incredible series as well. Boston was the best team all year, so kudos to them.

Now for the fun stuff, my WAY too early predictions for 2019. Let’s have a look.
Big Free Agents Predictions
Bryce Harper- Yankees
Manny Machado- Phillies
Kershaw- Dodgers
JA Happ-Yankees
Gio Gonzalez- Yankees
Dallas Keuchel- Phillies

ALCS 2019
New York Yankees
Bold Prediction: The Yankees Trade for deGrom
Harper with that short right deck, is dangerous and, to add fuel to the fire, Harper has exclusively done interviews with only the YES Network which is the Yankees network. Manny just doesn’t make sense for New York. They have Andújar for third base and he’s coming off a Rookie of the Year season, so why waste money? The Yankees also will trade for or sign a starting pitcher. New York one starter away from being set. They’ll resign CC for another year, but I see them trading Sonny for some prospects and paying big money during Free Agency. Another thing they need to do is sign 2 out of the following 3: JA Happ, Gio Gonzalez, and Dallas Keuchel. IF they get 2 of those players, their rotation becomes the best in baseball. Stanton and Judge will be dangerous once again and their offense just broke the record for the most home runs in a single season which they’ll break again in 2019, because they aren’t losing any of their power in the lineup. They have to spend some serious cash which is not normal for Hal Steinbrenner.

Boston Red Sox
Bold Prediction: David Price will be a CY Young Candidate
The Boston Red Sox are coming off a franchise best 108 wins, but they’ll have to pay for their players. Boston is losing 2 starters due to free agency, Price and Eovaldi, as well as their World Series MVP, Pearce. Boston is going to be good, regardless of what happens. Their 108 wins is not a fluke, but I predict it’ll be close to 90 next year. Their MVP will be JD Martinez as he continues to carry them forward. In order for Boston to make it back here, they’ll need to bring in better relievers. They’re bullpen closed out the postseason, but every time they were in, everybody started panicking. Boston will be back to the ALCS.

NLCS 2019
St. Louis Cardinals
Bold Prediction: Matt Carpenter hits 50 HR’s
The St. Louis Cardinals will make it to the NLCS. That might be another bold prediction, but I feel comfortable making it. The Cardinals are good. They have some young talent with Harrison Bader, who is a wizard in the outfield. They have Adam Wainwright back for a full year who showed out in his few starts in 2018. Jack Flaherty is coming back who was under-appreciated in his 2018 season posting 182 strikeouts in 151 innings. Carlos Martinez is a question mark. Is he a starter or is he a closer? Who knows? But either way, he’ll end up in the bullpen and will enhance their power. Jordan Hicks throwing 105 every night makes him a new Chapman and he’ll get their closing nod. Another thing to watch with them is Matt Carpenter. Carpenter is so inconsistent, it’s silly. If Carpenter can put together a full season like his 4 month stretch last year, watch out. I called him out for steroids and he hit only one more homer, so he definitely is a Soft 7 fan, which is why I respect the Cardinals this upcoming season.

Chicago Cubs
Bold Prediction: Best record in baseball
The Cubs are losing nobody from this team, except Jason Heyward if he opts out. Their major problem in 2018 was that Yu Darvish and Kris Bryant were never healthy, yet Bryant was still very productive. Their biggest concern should be re-signing Cole Hamels and this team has a 100 win season. There isn’t really much more to say for them.

World Series
Yankees vs Cubs
Winner: Yankees in 6
I think the Yankees win the World Series this year. They have the best lineup, bullpen, and one of the best rotations assuming they spend money. They should be in a win-now mode, which we will be able to tell in a few weeks once free agency begins. If the Yankees spend money on free agents, Harper and starting pitching, then I don’t see them losing out on Title 28.

AL: Bryce Harper (if he signs with NY)/ Aaron Judge
NL: Nolan Arenado

Cy Young
AL: Luis Severino
NL: Jake Arrieta

Most Improved Team (MIT)
Cincinnati Reds
The Reds are young and have the potential to do a ton of damage in 2019. I expect them to be in the playoff hunt and making a Wild Card. This team can be dangerous in 3-4 years, which is why they WILL WIN a World Series by 2024.

What a wild ride this season was and I can’t wait until 2019.

Soft 7 Picks
ALCS: Yankees vs Astros
NLCS: Rockies vs Braves
World Series Champions: Yankees

AL: Stanton
NL: Yellich

Cy Young
AL: Severino
NL: Kershaw

MIT: Reds

Parmesan Don:
ALCS: Yankees vs Astros
NLCS: Cubs vs Dodgers
World Series Champions: Yankees

AL: Stanton
NL: Harper

Cy Young
AL: Chris Sale
NL: Max Scherzer

MIT: Washington Nationals

ALCS: Red Sox vs Angels
NLCS: Reds vs Cardinals
World Series Champions: Angels

AL: Trout
NL: Harper

Cy Young
AL: Sale
NL: Kershaw

MIT: Reds

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