WWE Evolution Preview

History is about to be made on October 28th in New York.  WWE is showing its first every all women’s pay-per-view.  Honestly, it is a long time coming.  The women in WWE hold their own weight and can easily make this one of the best PPV’s in recent history.  In fact, a women’s match was the best match at this year’s Wrestlemania.  I may not agree with where they have taken the division recently, but that Charlotte vs Asuka match was the best match I have seen this year.  The women in WWE have been around for a lot of the company’s firsts, such as the first ever Women’s Money in the Bank, won by Carmella.  They competed in the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble, with Asuka winning and facing the Queen.  And eventually, they’ll be a part of the first every Women’s Tag Team Titles.  This PPV is just a step for them.  The Women’s Revolution in WWE has only just begun.  

Ronda Rousey(c) vs Nikki Bella

Look, I love the Bella twins.  They have done so much for the Women’s Revolution.  Nikki and Bri have embraced the “motherly figure” role of the revolution by being there every step of the way and supporting every decision made by Stephanie McMahon.  But, their time is up.  Again I love the Bella twins, I really do, but Bri has had 3 botches, one that could have killed her and one that knocked out Liv Morgan.  Nikki just looks so slow and it is just not fun to watch.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love that Nikki is going to be the main event.  It only makes sense. Like I said, they’re the faces in front of this revolution and they deserve it.  The Bella’s, through Natalya, cozied up to Ronda and eventually turned on her which set up this fight.  Nikki will use her deception and I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw some twin magic and Bri helps Nikki, but ultimately Ronda will win.  The Bellas do not seem like they’re sticking around too long, so it only makes sense for them to ride off into the sunset after this. But, if they have long term plans, I hope Ronda gets smashed.  

Prediction: Ronda Rousey retains

Becky Lynch(c) vs Charlotte Flair 

I wrote earlier how much I hated this feud and boy do I feel dumb.  Becky Lynch should not have the title.  After the match against Asuka, Flair should have never lost it until the next ‘Mania. But damn, every fight they have is the best fight of the night anymore.  Smackdown 999, last night, they fought for 23 minutes before a count out ended the match, allowing Becky to retain.  The match was brutal. After the match was finished, they continued to fight and Flair tackled Becky into the screen which led to blood everywhere.  What I love about this feud is that it opened another door for the Women’s revolution, the first ever Women’s Last Man Standing Match.  WWE should really make it the Last Women Standing match, but whatever, it is still so fucking cool.  I’m excited for this match.  Becky will probably win, which will suck but it’ll be a hell of a match.  In most Last Man Standing Matches, the face wins. With Charlotte on the verge of her 8th title and it already being a historic night, I hope Flair gets her time to shine.  

Prediction: Charlotte wins her 8th Title

Trish Stratus & Lita vs Alexa Bliss, Mickie James, and Alicia Fox

The original match was supposed to be Alexa vs Trish and this really does not make much sense.  It’ll be very entertaining to see one of the best heels go against an all time favorite in Trish.  Doesn’t make much sense, but it’ll be enjoyable regardless.  Update: Alexa Bliss suffered an injury last weekend which will cause her to miss this event, but she will be ringside.

Prediction: My original prediction was Bliss and James, but with Bliss out I think Trish and Lita will win

Sasha Banks, Bayley, Natalya vs The Riot Squad

This match was planned very quickly and did not have much build to it all.  You have the lovable characters of Bayley and Sasha teaming up with Natalya and then sort of threw the Riot Squad in.  It’s a good way to get Bayley and Sasha on the card, but the match doesn’t make sense.  

Prediction: Bayley, Sasha, and Natalya win

Kairi Sane (c) vs Shayna Baszler

This match is for the Women’s NXT Championship.  This match will be very interesting.  Baszler was shockingly defeated in Brooklyn after a strong, lengthy title run.  It won’t be a match I watch very closely, because I honestly have no clue who these people are, but it should be one of the best performances of the night due to Triple H loving the NXT division, so they always deliver.  

Prediction: Baszler wins

IO Shirai vs Toni Storm 

This match will be either the best or second best match of the evening.  It is the 2018 Mae Young Classic, the classic named after the late Mae Young who was a pioneer in the Women’s Wrestling industry.  These two women will both have bright futures in the WWE, no matter the outcome.  After surviving 30 other women, I believe Storm will win because she only reached the Semi’s last year and it is a redemption. 

Prediction: Toni Storm

Women’s Battle Royal

This is going to be an interesting concept for this PPV.  There hasn’t been an announcement yet for how many women will compete, but we do know the likes of Asuka, Ember Moon, and Nia Jax will be competing.  I think it comes down to these three as well.  Asuka could gain her credibility back and get her first title from Rousey, which could set up a Rousey vs Flair Wrestlemania.  Nia Jax is a tank and is always a threat, but she had her title run and I don’t think she stands a chance.  Ember Moon will win this.  Moon hasn’t really seen the spotlight yet since joining the main roster, and this could be her chance.  Obviously she won’t win the title from Rousey, but it could make her popularity grow.  

Prediction: Ember Moon wins the title opportunity.  

This Pay-per-view may not have the best matches, but it has some damn good ones.  This PPV will lead to more and more freedom within the Women’s Revolution and I look forward to see what this brings.  Thank you, WWE. 

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