FTD: A Depressing October

The Boston Red Sox are going to win the world series and I am sick. The Red Sox distributed their steroids evenly this year, thus leading to them winning 108 games. Mookie Betts took the most on his way to an MVP season. JD Martinez is just a monster, so I don’t think he is using steroids, so at least one is clean. I just hate it. To make matters worse, they’re playing the Dodgers, so it truly is a depressing October, but anyway let’s break it down.

To start, s/o Parmesan Don (@Soft7Parm) for predicting the World Series, he has the Red Sox in 6 so keep an eye on that. This World Series is going to be interesting. You have the league’s best pitching against the best hitting. The Series begins Tuesday night with Kershaw vs Sale. At the beginning of this year, this looked like a potential Cy-Young vs Cy-Young start, but it is not. Although it should still be a brilliant matchup, these two determine the series. Kershaw is 9-8 with a 4.09 ERA this postseason history and Sale is 1-2 with a 5.85 ERA. I have said since the beginning, the Red Sox go as far as their pitching takes them. So far, they have been lights out but when they struggle, their bullpen saves them. In my NLCS preview, I said the Dodgers will go as far as Kershaw can take them and they have. He pitched 2 great games against Milwaukee and now they’re in the World Series.

As far as the rest of the series goes, I think the Dodgers have an advantage. They were here last year and most importantly, they’re used to a pitcher hitting and not having a DH. The Red Sox main slugger, JD Martinez, is typically their DH but Cora has stated that he’ll play every game. That would mean moving Mookie to 2nd base or some variation of that. He’ll be uncomfortable, but at least they’ll be able to keep their bats alive. The Dodgers offense has been just as explosive this postseason as they sit as the 2nd best postseason hitting team (Red Sox are #1). This series will come down to the pitching. Mainly the bullpens. I think the advantage lies with Los Angeles, but I think Boston finds a way. I think Boston will win both games 1 and 2 and win one in LA and then ultimately wrap it up in Game 6 in Boston. My MVP will be, wait for it, David Price. I expect him to pitch lights out in Game 2 and Game 6, which will ultimately win him the MVP of the series.

Staff Predictions

Parmesan Don: Sox in 6, MVP: Mookie Betts

Wic: Red Sox in 6, MVP: Andrew Benintendi

Buck: Dodgers in 7, MVP: Manny Machado

Now let’s move to some more news.

The Cincinnati Reds have hired a new manager, David Bell. Bell is signed for 3 years with a club option for the fourth. I hate this hire. Bell has no experience. When there was Brad Ausmus and Joe Girardi on the table, you come back with someone that has no experience? Granted, Ausmus signed with the Angels and Girardi is waiting for a Chicago job, but this is still a horrible hire. A member of our staff wrote about their coaching vacancy earlier and their tendency to hire from within, well, Bell is the son of a Front Office employee of the Reds, so they kept it in house again. To me, as a fan, this is just defeating. This team is so young and has some actual talent, they should have hired someone who could make an impact, not an in-house hire. This is just another reason for the Castellini’s to stay out of the baseball process and just provide the money. An absolutely horrible hire.

As mentioned before, Brad Ausmus was hired by the Angels. This is a genius hire by them. Ausmus is more analytically minded and has not had much success recently, but he is a young, energetic coach which is the complete opposite of Mike Scioscia, their previous manager. He will click with the young talent in Anaheim and hopefully we get to see the best player in baseball, Mike Trout, play in the postseason.

Next week, I will recap the World Series, I will have my way too early predictions for the 2019 season, plus where I expect Bryce Harper, Manny Machado, and others to land.

Author: Juice

Baseball and WWE fanatic. Writer for soft7sports.com

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