Wic’s Picks: Week 4

Game 1: Mississippi State vs Kentucky- MSU -9.5

MSU: 38 UK: 31

Amazingly enough, Kentucky will still go 10-2 this season. Sadly, that means they will have to lose two games at some point. Today is one of those days. Mississippi State’s running game is just way too good and Nick Fitzgerald adds a crazy wildcard with his unexpected running ability. By unexpected, I mean this guy looks and moves laterally like a turtle until he gets into the open field. He also has the best inability in football. The inability to be tackled for no apparent reason. I still think Kentucky covers the spread though. Never going to count out my cats.

Game 2: Wisconsin @ Iowa- WISC -3.0

WISC: 22 IOWA: 17

Wisconsin may be favored to win, but ESPN’s matchup predictor is giving the Hawkeyes a slight advantage. After Wisconsin had an earlier choke than usual against the fourth best team in Utah, they’re looking to get back on track. I think they do today. Taylor is much better than anyone on the Iowa defense and I really can’t see Iowa winning. That being said, never disregard Wisconsin’s ability to shoot themselves in the foot.

Game 3: Stanford @ Oregon- STAN -2.5

STAN: 27 ORE: 17

I like Stanford in this one. They have had some pretty impressive showings so far this season and Bryce Love looks like he could be the next Stanford guy to finish second in the Heisman race. Oregon does have a really good quarterback this year. Although, I haven’t seen much impressive out of him besides a couple decent throws here and there. Despite that, Stanford’s defense is legit and will definitely make him uncomfortable. I like Stanford to win and cover easily

Game 4: Florida @ Tennessee- UF -3.5

I wish there was a way for both of these teams to lose. I cannot overstate how much I hate both of these football programs. But, this game is always so much fun to watch. Last year ended in heartbreak for Tennessee with a last second Hail Mary to some Florida bum named Cleveland. Perfect. A garbage city for a garbage player on a garbage team. I only hope this game comes down to the wire so that one team can be heartbroken again.

UF: 20 TENN: 14

Game 5: Texas A&M @ Alabama- BAMA -26.5

“A&M is so good. They almost beat Clemson.” No. Shut up. I don’t care how good they did against Clemson. Clemson is trash. If they were so good, then they wouldn’t have dropped in the rankings after a win. I think that this game is going to close for the first half, then Saban will actually start coaching and absolutely dominate Fisher. I think Bama pulls away in the second half and cover the spread.

BAMA: 45 A&M: 17

Game 6: Georgia @ Missouri

I’m not even going to include the line for this one. All week, Paul Finebaum has been saying that Georgia is on upset alert, because Mizzou quarterback, Drew Lock, typically does pretty well against the bulldogs. Cool. All of his stats come from garbage time when the second string comes in and doesn’t try. But why are his stats so inflated against UGA? It’s because garbage time in a UGA vs. Mizzou game starts around half time. Tigers are trash. Georgia rolls easy.

UGA: 42 MIZZOU: 10

Author: Wic

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