NCAA Football

Wic’s Pick: Week 6

Game 1: #13 Kentucky @ Texas A&M- TA&M -6.0

No surprise here. Kentucky is once again not favored in an SEC game. I’m not sure when Vegas is going to cut it out with the disrespect especially when they have been wrong every game they go against the cats. Secretly, I want them to continue to not favor Kentucky. Reason being, Benny Snell. This dude lives for people doubting him. Now, he is still being doubted and has been told that he can’t run on the Aggie defense. A&M’s defense gives up only 80.6 rushing yards a game, but they haven’t faced a running attack like Snell and Touchdown Terry who combine to be the second best rushing duo in the country. Watch out for that. I’m actually not at all worried about the Aggie offense. They average 511 yards per game, but flounder against good linebackers. Plus, they’re 0-2 vs. ranked teams. Kentucky’s linebackers are pretty pretty good. Jordan Jones is an animal, Kash Daniel is certifiably insane, and Josh Allen is one of the best in the country. Another thing I love about Josh Allen is that he is still has a chip on his shoulder from being rate a 2-star prospect in high school. This game will be close, but with Kentucky on the roll that they have been on, I don’t see A&M winning even at Kyle Field.

Kentucky 26 – Texas A&M 21 #SnellYeahBrother

Game 2: #19 Texas vs. #7 Oklahoma- OKLA -7.0

Oh yes. The Red River Shootout… or game… I’m not sure what they are calling it now. Anyway, I love that this game is finally being played on a neutral field, even if it is in Texas at the Cotton Bowl. Personally, I think this is the third best rivalry game, behind Ohio State vs. Michigan and Auburn vs. Alabama, but this one is not far behind. It does not matter what the records are coming into the game, this one never disappoints. That being said, I think Texas is going to get their asses kicked. Oklahoma is a heavy favorite for a reason. Kyler Murray is seriously a weapon that should be illegal in the Big 12. I see him striking early and often to the point that Texas will never be able to recover. They will put up some points, because I also think Sam Ehlinger is awesome too, just not nearly as awesome as Murray. Oklahoma covers. Boomer Sooner.

Oklahoma 42 – Texas 31

Game 3: Boston College @ #23 NC State- NCST -6.5

There is serious lack of ranked match ups this weekend so I have to really dig deep to find something worth talking about. This could very well end up being an extremely good game. NC State is known for having some serious trouble against the Golden Eagles. Even though BC is trash and have been for a while, they know how to make some noise against some odd opponents. For example, they beat Lamar Jackson’s Louisville team last year 45-42. Against NC State last year, they lost in heart breaking fashion 17-14. They know how to make it a game and this year, after starting 4-1, I think they can pull off the upset. I’m taking the Eagles for no reason at all.

BC 31 – NCST 21

Game 4: #5 LSU @ #22 Florida- LSU -2.5

How in the world is LSU only a 2.5 favorite in this game? Florida is not a very good team this year. I don’t care if they are at home. They lost by double digits there to Kentucky. They let Touchdown Terry Wilson throw for a touchdown against them. He doesn’t do that against a lot of defenses. Imagine what Jordan Burrows could do versus this defense. *Side note: Jordan Burrows is not an OSU guy. Never was. He transferred. Looking at you, Buck. End rant.* He is going to demolish this defense and shred them for at least 5 touchdowns in the air. LSU covers easily.

LSU 45 – Florida 27

Game 5: #6 Notre Dame @ #24 Virginia Tech- ND- 7.0

The spreads seem just a little steep this weekend. I agree with this one though. Notre Dame is a wagon this year. Their defense can stop just about anyone in the country and Ian Book has been phenomenal so far this season. Virginia Tech just really doesn’t have a whole lot going for them. Especially since that loss versus Old Dominion, there is no way I can take them seriously against a team of Notre Dame’s caliber. Don’t get too excited though, Irish fans, you’ll still choke your way out of the playoffs somehow.

Notre Dame 38 – Virginia Tech 17

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