Wic’s Pick: Week 3

There’s a damn solid slate of games this weekend. So let’s go ahead and jump right in.

Game 1: Murray State @ Kentucky

Wic Pick: 41-7 UK

I’m starting to realize that when a FBS school plays a FCS school, Vegas doesn’t even bother to put out a spread. Thankfully, ESPN has a win predictor and has chosen the cats to win with 99.3% certainty. My sources tell me that’s pretty good. I normally pick matchups with at least one ranked team, but I gotta let BBN know not to worry.

Game 2: LSU @ Auburn: AUB -10.5

Wic Pick: 24-20 LSU

Best game of the weekend. Fuck you Ohio State. Today is not about you. Now, I have LSU winning this game. Auburn had a terribly tough time putting up 21 points against a Pac-12 defense. It was Washington, but they, just like every Pac-12 team, is extremely overrated. Coach O has his defense in much better shape. Plus, Burrows is the real deal and will have no problem pushing the ball down the field. Going to come down to the wire, but I like my tigers.

Game 3: -Boise State at Oklahoma State: OKST -2.0

Wic Pick: 28-24 BOISE

I know absolutely nothing about either of these teams. One thing I do know though, Mike Gundy, coach of Oklahoma State, just cut his hair. If we remember anything from Bible study, when Samson lost his hair, he also lost all of his powers. Pretty sure the same thing will happen here. Broncos roll.

Game 4: Ohio State @ TCU

Wic Pick: 35-24 OSU

Second best game of the day. This is for sure the game that has gotten the most hype. What ever the outcome, we still know that Ohio State will make the CFP. Today will go to the buckeyes. I just don’t see a way that TCU could keep with the OSU offense all day. They will keep it close with some big plays, but they will eventually fall flat.

Game 5: USC @ Texas: -3.5 TEX

Wic PIck: 21-13 TEX

I hate both of these teams, but I love that the unranked longhorns are favored to win. Last week, I predicted USC to score at least 14 points against Stanford and they only scored 3. I will never put faith into this program until they prove they can have one series that ends with “and goal.” Texas is not back, by the way. Just winning today against another garbage school.

Game 6: BYU @ Wisconsin: WISC -22.0

Wic Pick: 41-14 WISC

Bonus sixth pick. Wisconsin will eventually piss away their season and choke like always, but not today.

Author: Wic

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