NCAA Football

Wic’s Pick: Week 2

Game 1: Kentucky @ Florida: FLA -13.5

Wic Pick: 27-24 Kentucky

So, Kentucky has lost to Florida for the past 31 years and according to Vegas, this game isn’t even going to be close. But I love my cats. I believe in our football team despite not having any reason to. As we know, I have predicted Kentucky to go 10-2 this season. This has got to be a game we win. If recent history has told us anything, Kentucky can beat Florida. If referees call the game correctly and Kentucky puts 11 players on defense, they got this.

Game 2: Indiana State @ Louisville

Wic Pick: 45-14 Louisville

After what happened last week to Louisville, they need a confidence boost. This one is going to be a bloodbath. I actually couldn’t find a line for this game, but ESPN has given Louisville a 98.3% chance to win. Not bad. They’ll probably be up 35-0 at half then start putting in some backups and give up a couple garbage time touchdowns. This is absolutely a cop out to guarantee myself at least one win, but I feel like I should mention UofL since I was born and raised in that city.

Game 3: Georgia @ South Carolina: UGA -9.5

Wic Pick: 35-17 Georgia

Probably the best game in the SEC this week with the 3 vs 24 match up. Georgia is going to pick up right where they left off last year. I can actually see this score being way worse than what I predicted. South Carolina has very weak defense that is no match for Jake Fromm State Farm, whatever 100m champion they reloaded with at running back, and Calvin Ridley’s brother.

Game 4: Clemson @ Texas A&M: CLEM -12.0

Wic Pick: 31-21 Clemson

This is the best game in college football this week. Yes, Clemson is one of the best teams in the country, but Texas A&M is a bit of a wild card. They have a great new asset at head coach with Jimbo Fisher. That has to be mentioned. Also Kyle Field is one of the most hostile environments to play in. The 12th man will be in full force against the #2 team in the nation. I still think Clemson will pull off the victory, but it will not come easily.

Game 5: USC @ Stanford: STAN -5.0

Wic Pick: 17-14 Stanford

I hate the Pac 12 and everything it stands for. Just want to get that out there. This game is going to be the football equivalent of Virginia basketball scrimmaging Virginia basketball. It’s going to be a defensive battle that’ll make you want to repeatedly hit your head against the wall. The game is going to be decided in the final seconds either on some goal line stand or 55 yard field goal. Sadly, we won’t even be able to see some pick 6’s because Sam Darnold is no longer here to have his number 1 receiver be the other team’s cornerback.

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