Why Did Louisville Lose This Week

Short answer: They suck.

Long answer: Buckle up.

In order to understand why Georgia Tech beat Louisville by so much this past Friday, we have to go back over a decade. There has been bad blood between Louisville Defensive Coordinator Brian VanGorder and Georgia Tech Head Coach Paul Johnson since 2005. Here’s how it started. In December of 2005, VanGorder left the Jacksonville Jaguars to become the Head Coach of Georgia Southern. A position that was formerly held by Paul Johnson who had just taken over the Head Coaching job at Navy. Johnson, who is most famous for his spread option offense, had quite a bit of success at GSU. Winning 6 D-1AA national titles, he established Georgia Southern as a powerhouse with their rushing attack. That all changed when VanGorder took over.

Upon his arrival, the new coach performed a complete overhaul of the offense. Completely getting rid of the spread option scheme. When asked why he changed the successful offense, he said he wanted to bring the team into the 21st century and make it more marketable to recruits. I think it’s because VanGorder is a defensive mind and, above all, stupid.

Word of VanGorder’s comments eventually made their way to Navy. Johnson, obviously not happy with the new coach’s comments, decided to give Georgia Southern’s Athletic Director a call to set up a game between their two schools. When Johnson was asked why was so adamant about the matchup, he said,”because I want to beat the hell out of Brian VanGorder.” Awesome. Except that Navy vs. Georgia Southern game never happened.

Johnson ended up at Georgia Tech in 2007 were he remains today. VanGorder on the count of him being terrible, jumped around a lot. He went back to the NFL to be bad at being a linebacker coach then to Auburn to lead their defense to one of their worst years ever, back to the NFL, then he landed at Notre Dame and was the Defensive Coordinator under Brian Kelly. In 2015, Johnson finally got his game against VanGorder where he was defeated 22-30. The Georgia Tech Coach was not going to let another opportunity pass him by.

Flash forward: Friday October 5th, 2018. Brian VanGorder is now the Defensive Coordinator of the Louisville. Let the grudge match commence. Johnson wanted to beat the hell out of VanGorder and he did just that in the pettiest way possible. To show him how good his spread option scheme is, Georgia Tech threw the ball only twice and ran the ball 65 times. Their running game gained 542 years and 8 TD’s averaging 8.3 yards a carry using 9 different rushers. Add a 95 yard INT return for a touchdown and a field goal and that makes the final score 66-31. Safe to say the hell has been sufficiently beat out of VanGorder. Don’t piss off Paul Johnson.

What can we all learn from this? Never talk about another man’s job, woman, or his offense.

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