What’s Wrong With The Broncos

I love my Broncos. These last couple weeks, however, have been rough. Jay Cutler rough. After starting the season tied most wins in the NFL at 2-0, Denver has fallen into the pit of despair known as the consequences of their own actions. The thing is, the Broncos actually have some good players. But just like me every week in fantasy, the ones who are most capable of helping the team are not getting the ball enough. After losing the past three weeks, it is mile high time to make some changes. Only questions are: Is Vance Joseph smart enough to realize anything is wrong? And will Elway do anything about it? Here are 4 different problems I know the Broncos should know.

Case Keenum

More like Waste Keebum (got his ass). He bamboozled us all with this play last year for the Vikings. In all of last year in Minnesota, he had just 7 interceptions. Can you guess how many he has so far this year in just five games? Yeah, it’s 7. He has a 65% completion rate so far, which is good, but also as good as Sam Bradford normally is. Other than a pretty average completion rate, nothing is really going his way. Case has thrown for 1,365 yards this year putting him behind none other than Eli(te) Manning. Ya know, the guy who is so bad at throwing, his receivers are now doing it for him. Keenum has 5 TD passes to go with his 7 interceptions and went three straight games without throwing a touchdown versus Oakland, Baltimore and Kansas City. The bright side of this is that Keenum just had his best game of the season. His first game where he threw more touchdowns that interceptions. Even though it was his best game so far, the Broncos still lost 16-34. They just have a serious problem getting the ball in the endzone. That, however, may not be his fault. I blame coaching for that one. I’m also convinced that Elway refuses to get a great quarterback in his prime to make sure he will always be the best QB in Denver history.

Possible solution: $wag Kelly? Give him a shot, let’s see what happens.


We all know Vance Joseph is having the time of his life, but we as fans would like to have fun too. Play calling has been absolutely atrocious. Offensive Coordinator Bill Musgrave should be the first one to be fired in my opinion. The Broncos made some awesome moves in the off-season at running back. They drafted Royce Freeman and picked up Phillip Lindsay out of free agency. Both are panning out better than I could have ever imagined. The rookies have combined for 578 yards and 4 touchdowns making the Broncos 5th in the NFL in rushing yards. Vance Joseph has even said that he wants to get them more carries. So, Musgrave called more rushing plays against the Jets, right? No. Keenum threw 51 times. Freeman had 5 carries for 31 yards (6.2 yards/carry) and Lindsay had 12 carries for 61 yards (5.1 yards/carry). These are the only guys who know how to move the ball so let’s freaking let them. Especially in the red zone. The Broncos are scoring touchdowns in the red zone at a rate of 54.55% (33.33% on the road) which is the equivalent of getting to first base… in middle school.

Possible Solution: Fire Vance Joseph and Bill Musgrave. Hire anyone else. John Fox? Jack Del Rio? Greg Schiano (totally kidding)? Ted Lasso? Run the ball more and maybe get Emmanuel Sanders in on the running game with some jet sweeps. Dude can fly.


I don’t know what’s wrong with the defense, but RIP in peace to the No Fly Zone. Denver has some awesome players like Von Miller, Bradley Chubb, Brandon Marshall and Bradley Roby, but after yesterday, the Broncos are giving up 26.2 points/game. Looking at stats (I know they are for losers) doesn’t give any reason to why they are giving up so much and losing so bad. They give up 273 passing yards/ game and only 93 rushing yards/game which is actually awesome. What is unexplainable to me is how Denver can hold the ridiculous offense of Kansas City to their lowest points total of the entire season then give up 34 to the Jets. My only guess is that the offense cannot move the ball, so opponents always have great field position. Not a whole lot more I can ask for here.

Possible Solution: Punt better? I don’t know.


This comes back on coaching again. Vance Joseph needs to get his team more disciplined. So far this season, Denver has been flagged 35 times for 285 yards. These are not just some random calls every now and then, it’s drive-stalling kicks to the nuts that stagnate the offense. Garrett Bowles. You’re killing me. Denver has 11 holding calls and you have most of them. Move your feet, chop block, I don’t care; just next time a running back hands you the ball to spike in the end zone, give the ball to someone who hasn’t been called for holding, hands to the face, and 2 false starts that quarter.

Possible solution: work on discipline and no more drive killing penalties.

Again, I love my Broncos. So, here are some players I am not mad at: Von Miller, Bradley Chubb, Bradley Roby, Brandon Marshall, Demaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, Phillip Lindsay, Royce Freeman, Jake Butt #ButtArmy, and Brandon McManus.

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