What Is Going On With Josh Gordon

This past weekend, it was announced that WR Josh Gordon was to be released by the Cleveland Browns. I see red flags all over the place. They have put up with him since 2012 when they drafted him the NFL Supplemental Draft. At that time, it was no secret that he had a problem staying clean. HOWEVVA (Stephen A. Smith voice), there was no mention of drugs when the release was reported, just that he reinjured his hamstring at a promo event. This brought up a lot of questions from me. For instance: Was injuring his hamstring at a promotional photo shoot REALLY the last straw? Which banned substances showed up in this month’s drug test? Will they try to trade him for something? How can I blame Roger Goodell for this?

First, I have to feel bad for whoever it was that thought it was a good idea to include Josh Gordon in anything promotional. I assume it was a pro-Browns outlet that probably paid him a lot of money for content they can’t use anymore.

A source told ESPN that Gordon “broke the team’s trust” after practicing all week then showing up with a hamstring issue. Really? How can that be the straw that broke the camel’s back? The Browns knew he had a drug problem in college and still stuck with him all this time. They were also well aware of his hamstring problems and got rid of him as soon as it became an issue. The source also told ESPN later that there were other “mitigating factors” that led to the release. That’s more like it. I can only speculate to what those wild factors could be, but it’s 100% drug related.

Now, can they trade him away? Yup, that’s exactly what they’re doing. And guess who is getting him? The freaking Patriots, of course. Ian Rapoport has been rapoporting that the Patriots are close to closing on a deal with the Browns for Gordon. Not sure what Belichick is going to give up for him, but I can only assume that it is going to be for some guys at the very end of their useful life in the NFL or some super late draft pick that could not help the Browns in any way.

As a football lover, I also find myself having to be a Goodell hater. Roger Goodell is a corrupt tyrant that will stop at nothing to push his agenda. One of his agendas is anti-marijuana. The poster child for the resistance of that agenda is Josh Gordon. I have a theory. Josh Gordon is good player that he would like to keep in the NFL. He can’t have him getting in trouble all the time for that very reason, because that makes him look weak. Also, Gordon can’t be with some organization that can’t keep him at bay. Belichick can. He is the king of getting away with shit. If anyone can keep a good player with off the field issues in the league, it’s big Bill. As soon as Goodell heard he was going to be released, he colluded with Belichick to have him traded to the Pats and will allow them to cover up his drug use like every other scandal before.

I don’t know if any of that is true, but I really want to blame Goodell for some part of this.

Author: Wic

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