Vontae Davis Is A Quitter

It is hard for me to even understand the rationale of quitting on your team at halftime. Actually, what am I saying, the man plays for the Bills. I can see some rationale there. However, a real football guy doesn’t quit. Even when the going gets tough, he continues on at least to the end of the fucking game. I mean, I get it; why would you want to get beat up when you’re playing for a team that has absolutely no shot of making the playoffs? The problem with this is not the fact that he retired, at least for me. The problem that I have with this is the halftime. It still would be a shitty move to retire 2 games into the season when you had all of the off season to make that decision, but to do it midway through a game says something about who you are as a person. A quitter.

He tried to justify it by saying that he was 30 and his body couldn’t do it anymore. My guy?! Aquib Talib is 32; Champ Bailey retired at 36; Ty Law retired at 35; Darrelle Revis just retired at 33; Deion Sanders retired at 38. Need I go on? Vontae, I understand you may think you have made a smart decision, but c’mon man, the proof is in the pudding on this one. You had all off-season to make this decision. You make a commitment to your teammates, coaches, and fans and you broke it.

If you hadn’t made the wrong decision, then we wouldn’t be talking about this in the first place. Every former player and teammate of yours is talking about this, and they aren’t saying positive things. Sorry, Vontae, you’ll just be remembered as that average cornerback that quit on his team at halftime of the second game of the season.

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