Tottenham’s Year

On this day 136 years ago, my favorite English Premier League team, Tottenham Hotspur, was founded. I’ve always followed the EPL, since it is the best league, but never had an English team I truly rooted for until I noticed something about Spurs. They became the team I was sad to see lose. That’s basically what fandom is, really. After a two whole years of being a Spurs fan, I am completely over seeing them do well and choke like the English equivalent of Oklahoma Sooners football. After all, I’m an American and I want my gratification now.

Full disclosure, I am first a Bayern Munich fan. However, they don’t exactly need any help winning the weak AF German Bundesliga. So my efforts are going to be directed towards North London. To my favorite EPL team. Since I started this website with my buddy, Parmesan Don, and named it Soft 7 Sports, I feel like I need to support the teams that remind me of myself. The soft 7’s. And Tottenham is just that, but in sports form. No one is necessarily going to say they are incredible, but also no one is going to call them ugly.

So, Tottenham, I want to give you something for your 136th birthday. No, it’s not money and sadly I cannot play right back for you. I have to run a blog. The best I can offer is to try to make Tottenham a trend here in the states with the tag line: Spurs Year. Spurs have finished second or third in the EPL for the past couple years which may be good enough for Champions League, but not for me. I’ve rooted for Spurs far too long to have not seen a championship.

I’m giving this the Wic guarantee. 100% certainty that this has a 0% chance to fail. I don’t care how good Man City is and I don’t care how Spurs can’t match up with Liverpool. They can have next year. This is Spurs Year.

Happy Birthday, Spurs.

Author: Wic

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