The Bills Should Take Tyrod Back

We all remember the huge offseason moves made by the Browns this past summer. One of the most notable was the trade for then Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor. This was an outrageous deal considering that the only thing the Bills got for their starter was a third round pick, ended up being #65 overall. Flash forward to the present. The Bills’ new starter, first round draft pick Josh Allen, has been meshing well for a rookie and has solidified himself as the best of a bad situation. Then the most Buffalo thing that could have happened, happened. Josh Allen suffered an elbow sprain and is listed by Sean McDermott as week-to-week.

Once Allen went out of the game, human equivalent of a ham sandwich, Nathan Peterman, got under center after telling the coaching staff that he’s “got this.” He didn’t have it. In true ham sandwich form, Peterman threw a pick 6 that lost them the game. I think it’s just a matter of time before this guy gets kicked out of the league for point shaving. It has to be a practical joke that the Bills keep letting him play football. I really hope he is ironically inducted into the hall of fame. Thankfully for Bills fans, McDermott is not going to let him start next weekend. They picked up Derek Anderson and he has assumed the starting role for Sunday vs. Indianapolis. I mean it’s better, but this cannot be their best option.

With the trade deadline closing in, the Bills should go get another quarterback. Maybe one that knows the system pretty well. Maaybe one that is on record saying he doesn’t mind backing up a rookie. Maaaybe one that doesn’t throw a lot of interceptions because every ball is knee-high at the highest. Maaaaybe one that they obviously would not have to give up a whole freaking lot for because he was recently traded for a freaking third round pick. Maaa- okay I’ll stop. It’s Tyrod. Go get Tyrod Taylor. He is the best option for the Bills right now having knowledge of the offense and could jump in immediately then go right back to being the back up in a couple weeks when Josh Allen comes back. It may not be ideal, but its better than the ham sandwich they have at back up right now.

Author: Wic

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