NBA Opt Outs: Some More Voluntary Than Others

Howdy partners. You may ask where I’ve been. The answer will be revealed this Wednesday.

Any who, let’s go through a couple key pieces of news…

First off, David Nwaba (more than likely the new starting SF for the Cleveland Cavaliers) turned down a ‘multi-year offer from the Indiana Pacers’ to have his one-year deal with the Cavs. Nothing has come out on the terms, but I get the feeling that it would have been a 3-year deal. Why? He would have been the defensive anchor on the wing. The defensive plus/minus of the frontcourt trio of Nwaba, Thad Young, and Miles Turner could have quite easily been on par of the total defensive plus/minus for the Raptors. Yes, that good.

Second, Pat McCaw turned down a two-year, $4 mil extension from the Warriors. It sucks more for the Warriors than for McCaw, as some reports are surfacing that a couple teams are looking at him as a sixth man (which may be a 3-4-year contract worth between $15-20 mil if I was a GM). It’s a role upgrade for the 9th man off the bench for the Warriors, but this further hurts the lack of depth the Warriors have.

Thirdly, the Suns today (Monday, 10/8/18) have fired their GM Ryan McDonough. That is good news for the Suns, but bad news for Ryan. Ryan is responsible for drafting such key players for the Suns like Marquese Chriss, Dragan Bender, and Josh Jackson. And who can forget the fact he now has 8 players slotted at the 3-4 spot on their team but has PGs from the G league as their 1 rotation. I have been advocating for this for a while, and I am glad it finally happened. It is slightly a bad sign that this is occurring 8 days before the season opener. Just happy that the good will of drafting Devin Booker has finally worn off.

All I have found that is note-worthy and hasn’t been covered in-depth by mainstream media. Enjoy your week everyone!

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