Most Frustrating Game Of This NFL Season

I normally don’t review individual games, but this one really left me scratching my head at every turn. The Falcons vs. Giants last night on Monday Night Football was the most frustrating game I have seen all season. I fully expected the Giants to be all around terrible and both defenses to suck, but I didn’t expect everything to suck. Each time a player or coach would do something stupid, someone else would come along and outstupid them. Neither the Giants not the Falcons are any less guilty than the other.

Christ on a bike this Giants team is atrocious. They stink out loud. Watching the plays that Shurmur was calling reminded me of the “Ask Madden” feature on the Madden video games. In the fourth quarter, New York was down by 2 touchdowns and finally scored with 4 minutes left. Instead of kicking the field goal to cut the lead to 7, Shurmur decided he was going to try the 2 point conversion. Bonehead mistake when you have a team that has a lot of trouble getting 1 yard much less 2. Next Giants drive, they are about to score again and have the ball on the 1 yard line with under a minute left. Just run the ball up the middle. Who would you give the ball to in order to score? Eli(te) or Saquan Barkley? Well that’s not who they gave it to. Eli(te) got stopped twice in a row. Yes, the ended up scoring anyway, but it took an extra 50 seconds effectively throwing away the game.

As for the Falcons and Julio Jones specifically. How do you not have a touchdown yet, man? Dude may be the first player ever to win MVP with no touchdowns. Matt Ryan also needs to get his act together. I realize that he still has yet to have his best game of 2017, but come on. He needs to put up more that 23 points on the Giants. The over/under for this game was 53 points and I didn’t bet on this game, but I am still upset that they did not hit the over. Two of the worst defenses going against a former MVP in Matt Ryan and a top 2 receiver in Julio Jones, then a 2 time Super Bowl Champion, an incredible running back in Saquon and the other top 2 receiver in OBJ and they could not combine for 53 points? Come on, football.

Just a frustrating, annoying game.

Author: Wic

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