Le’veon Bell Holdout

Le’veon Bell is back to doing Le’veon Bell things. I’m sure we have all heard by now that the Pittsburgh running back is holding out on reporting to the Steelers until his contract is renegotiated. I don’t see this happening, but he could be out until week 10. It really comes down to who blinks first. Had the Steelers lost today to the Browns, I guarantee Bell would be in the backfield next weekend. The general consensus I’m getting from this situation is that not a lot of people really care expect for two groups: Steelers fans and fantasy owners.

If I were a Steelers fan, I would be irate about this. But I’m not. I’m actually the complete opposite of a Steelers fan and very happy with their disappointment. In a recent poll I made up for this column, Pittsburgh was unanimously voted the second most annoying fan base in the NFL. Behind New England, of course. The Steelers deserved to lose today and honestly that would have only sped up this ordeal. If he stays out until week 10 it could really hurt the Steelers. It may even jeopardize a push for the playoffs. If they don’t pull at least a wild card spot and this is the only reason, I would be calling for Tomlin’s head. Gotta keep your stars happy.

Given a 99.9% own percentage and most leagues being comprised of 10 people, this holdout is affecting give or take 10% of fantasy football players. Bell was probably taken top 3 in most drafts. This means their next pick would have been on the high teens or twenties. Not that Le’veon cares at all, but he’s screwing over a lot of people here. If you pool together all league dues from the guys who teams are now in ashes, you could probably pay him the raise he wants. I’m sure fantasy owners are praying for his early return.

Personally, I think both sides could do a little growing up. When it comes to the Steelers, Bell is your star running back and one of the best players in the league. Pay the man. Then when it comes to Le’veon, you’re almost 30 taking hits from NFL players every play. You have one or two more amazing years before your body gives up on you. You’re also pissing off the rest of your team, especially the offensive line. Ya know, the only thing between you and 300 pound brick houses who hate you. Get your shit together, guys. After all, the NFL is a better place with Le’veon Bell in it as much as I hate to admit it.

Author: Wic

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