“Keep Pounding” Could Not Be A Worse Hashtag For The Panthers

I mean, come on. The Carolina Panthers have been dealing with the fallout of Jerry Richardson’s sexual harassment allegations for months now. Somehow, the Panthers just made it worse. Not sure how this one fell through the cracks, but to me, it looks like they just threw a bunch of gasoline on the fire with the team hashtag #KeepPounding. It should be illegal for an NFL team to have such a rapey hashtag to begin with, not to mention the characters that are on the team who this seems like an endorsement for.

Former owner Jerry Richardson. Ultimate creep. This past year, allegations came out that he was sexually harassing a Carolina Panthers employee. The unnamed employee says that Richardson was leaving suggestive notes on her desk telling her to get pedicures and wear lip gloss. Creepiest note said that he wanted to pamper her more, rub her feet, and put lotion on her body. Prison. Now. There are a lot more allegations that get progressively worse like the “Jeans Friday” incident, but what I’ve included so far should have been enough to stop a hashtag that reminds you to continue doing something sexual sounding over and over.

Next you have the actual players who should not be involved with anything about pounding. Thanks to NFLarrest.com for the list of panthers players with arrest histories. Greg Hardy, of course, with his history of domestic abuse should be as far away from this as possible. Going from a league ban to a 10 game then 4 game suspension makes him still a pretty hot issue when it comes to things like this. NFL team hashtag committees (whatever they’re called) should probably realize that. On top of that, the Panthers also have guys like Chris Terry and Jeremy Bridges who were also arrested for assaults against women.

The hashtag itself really isn’t very good to begin with. Then you have to take into account where everyone’s mind goes as soon as the hear it. I know that’s not how they meant it, but please for everyone involved and the obvious ridicule the Panthers are already receiving, change it. My suggestion: We don’t need your permission (creds: Vanderbilt Football).

Author: Wic

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