Jimmy Butler Perfect For Meme Team

Sometime last week, an NBA guard, who is the second best on his team and not a top 20 player in the league, named Jimmy Butler demanded a trade from the Timberwolves. Reasons why have been all over the place. From rumors of having an affair with a teammate’s girlfriend to him and Thibodeau actually hating each other, I think a couple things are clear. He hates Minnesota, wants to get paid, and doesn’t want a championship any time soon.

Butler released his top 3 teams that he wants to go to. Keep in mind that just because he has a list, does not mean in any way that he will get what he wants. That list includes the Brooklyn Nets, New York Knicks, and Los Angeles Clippers. The Heat are also showing aggressive interest. He wants a place where he could be the star and where they would be willing to pay him like it. Also, judging by those three names on his list, there is no way he is going for a championship. Luckily, if he goes to the Lakers that remains true. I know Butler said that he doesn’t want to play with LeBron, but if you think that LeBron isn’t going to go after every all-star in free agency, you’re nuts.

The Lakers have everything Jimmy Butler wants. Number one, it’s not Minnesota which is a huge plus and all I would need. They also have an unreal amount of cap space which could give Butler all the guaranteed money. He wouldn’t be the star, obviously, because LeBron doesn’t have the ability to give that up, nor should he, but he would be a starter that could play all the minutes he wants. Plus, Butler would be an amazing addition to the Meme Team. The Lakers are easily the most memeable team in the league with LeBron, Lance Stephenson, Lonzo Ball and his dad, and JaVale McGee. Think about how great bringing in Broccoli Jr. from Veggietales would be.

Jimmy. Sorry. You’ll be a Laker here soon. Just wait for Kawhi and Klay to get there and it’ll all be fine.

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