Browns Gonna Browns

Disclaimer: I realize my twitter profile picture is of someone who may or may not be me in a Browns jersey. If you look more closely, you will see that it is a Johnny Manziel jersey. I am through and through and Johnny Football fan and in no way a supporter of the Browns or anything Cleveland. I enjoy the disappointment that city feels year in and year out.

In true Browns fashion today, Cleveland once again disappointed their already depressed fan base. But amazingly, it wasn’t with a loss. They finally ended their multi-season loss streak in the most Browns way possible: with a tie to the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

The Browns have been close to ending their winless streak before, but never this close. Not just from a points perspective obviously, but they actually made some big plays. And actually looked competent. Their new defense was making Big Ben look like Nathan Peterman. Tyrod Taylor was making big time plays at the end of regulation to tie it up. Even Josh Gordon (welcome back) came alive when they needed him the most. This is definitely a new Browns team, but sadly, it’s still the same Cleveland.

At the end of the day, Browns gonna Browns. I truly do want them to win a game, because I want to see what Cleveland fans will do and which one of their two buildings will get burned down. It’s gotta come at some point this season. Look on the bright side Cleveland faithful, your season cannot be worse than last year. You cannot go 0-16. That’s has to be worth something.

Author: Wic

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