How Is Michigan Ranked 6?

Last week in College Football, 8 of the Top 25 teams were defeated, including 4 in the Top 10. One of the teams that not only escaped a loss, but also dealt one out to another Top 25 team was the Michigan Wolverines. Yes, Harbaugh got a much needed win versus a ranked team this past Saturday with an absolute beat down of Wisconsin, 38-13. Because of this, the AP has Michigan at #6 jumping 6 whole spots in the polls. This is utterly ridiculous. Let me first say, I know that a bunch of other teams ahead of them lost, they destroyed another ranked team, and their only loss came against a very good Notre Dame team that has yet to choke this year. I get it, but #6 is far too high for this team.

Let’s look at the teams that Michigan jumped this week. Oklahoma. Fine. They also only have one loss to a Top 10 team, but Michigan has been playing better. I am fine with them being ranked higher than the Sooners. UCF. Give this team some damn respect. There were 4 Top 10 losses and these guys remain at #10. Does the phrase “defending national champions” mean nothing anymore? All they lost was their coach who apparently is a piece of hot garbage. I guess Michigan has beaten a ranked team or whatever, but I do not agree with that. Texas. Seriously? Texas is playing so much better than Michigan right now. There is absolutely no reason for Michigan jumping them in the rankings. Georgia. So Georgia lost to what is now a Top 5 team and they drop 6 spots? The AP poll dudes (or chicks) really think that Michigan could beat Georgia? What is going on at the Associated Press?

So not only does Michigan not deserve to be ranked higher than most of the teams they jumped, but their win last week was not as impressive as everyone thinks. They beat Wisconsin. The same team that lost to the fourth best team in Utah, BYU. After their second loss of the season, the BADgers dropped 8 spots to #23. I feel like it’s got to be one or the other. When there is a blowout of one ranked team by another ranked team, especially when the blowout is won by the favored and higher ranked team, it proves that one team is either really bad or really good. So if Michigan jumps 6 spots, then Wisconsin should drop but not 8 spots. And if Wisconsin drops 8 spots, then Michigan should not jump as much. It just doesn’t make any sense that they were 3 spots away from each other last week and now they are 17.

I have a couple theories about why this happened. The only one that really holds any weight involves Ohio State. The #2 ranked team in the nation. Their annual rivalry game is coming up and they really want a spectacle this year. It’s been a while since they have been able to justify a Top 10 match up and this year, it makes sense. I’m on to you, AP. I already knew the NCAA was a bunch of corrupt bastards, but I expected better from you all.

Author: Wic

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