AFC South Mariota Sucks

The Titans are currently 3-3, leading the AFC South. But, are they good or does their division just suck? Let’s take a look.

The Jaguars are 3-3, they beat the Patriots handily. They beat the jets handily. They beat the Giants in a close game. But, they lost to the Chiefs in a blowout and they lost their 3rd straight game to the Titans. They also got blown out by the Cowboys. The Jags are an interesting team. They have one of the league’s best defenses, but their offense is really hit or miss. They should win the AFC South, but they’ve gotten into a pattern where they play well, then bad, then well and so on. The inconsistency of Blake Bortles is what is wrong with this team and it will be interesting to see how their season shapes out, but I think the Jaguars we all know and love are back, meaning they’ll miss the playoffs and sneak in as a Wild Card. The Colts are irrelevant, I won’t waste anyone’s time here. And the Texans are trash. That’s a wrap on the AFC South.

What it comes down to is whether or not the Titans can keep up. Their offense ranks 29th in points, 29th in yards, 29th in passing yards, and 17th in rushing yards. Just watching them, you can tell if Henry and Lewis are having a good game then there is a good chance this team wins. But if you have to depend on Mariota, good luck. Marcus Mariota has been a huge disappointment. Yesterday, Mariota was sacked 11 times. The Titans have 2 Pro Bowlers on their offensive line, what the fuck? The loss of Delaney Walker has obviously hurt the Titans, but the loss of Walker should not mean the offense just sucks. What sucks is the Titans are going to win this division. An 8-8 team will win this division. Then they’ll get blown out by whoever they play in that shitty 5pm Saturday game the first week of playoffs. Vrabel was supposed to fix this team, but it is not the coach’s fault. Marcus Mariota is a bust, that is why the offense sucks.

Super Mario-ta had such high expectations. In 2015, he played 12 games and threw for 2,818 yards with 19 passing touchdowns. He also ran for another two. Okay, so not a bad rookie year. He played well and met expectations, but his year ended with an injury. His “sophomore” year was promising. He threw for 3,426 yards with 26 passing touchdowns and another 2 running. Again, ending in injury. This was a promising year for Mariota, but in his third year, he fell off. He threw for 3,232 yards with only 13 touchdowns but ran for 5 more. In this season, he led the Titans to a playoff victory in Kansas City and an eventual lead against New England (suck it, Tom) but they got blown out in the end. Bad statistical year, good result. So, this year we expected an in-between year but honestly, we’ve gotten his worst yet. He’s thrown 2 touchdowns and has rushed for 1. He’s already thrown 4 interceptions. He looks like a lost puppy on the field. I don’t know what to expect from him this season, but if the first 5 games prove anything, we’re in for a long year, Titans fans.

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